Mission McDonald's: "Reclaimed Wood? I'm Lovin' It"

In a move that has me wanting to wear polo shirts just to start fucking with people, the 24th and Mission McDonald's and irl World Star video unveiled an authy-chic facade that already looks horribly dated.  As Fred Sharples observed:

Even the Mission McDonald's is getting that hip slatted salvaged-wood look. #itsover

It's over? Perhaps. But I'm sure there are plenty who fancied themselves as a Dollar Menu Dudes, but couldn't get past the garish, mural-covered classic look of the old place.  I mean, ick.

Finally, a place to buy a toxic mash of calories that understands Valencia Street's sensibilities.  High times.

[via Fred Sharples]

Comments (17)

It looks like it was transplanted from Aspen or something.

Oh no! The grossest food is now coming from the grossest building.

I wonder if they used Edison bulbs…

as much as the change in the mission makes me sick….i kinda love the refresh a LOT.

So… would you say you’re lovin’ it?

I’d like to see a mickey d’s in the new 19th/Val douche palace!

Why? Would you prefer to work at that location?

It’s always a pleasure to serve you your five Big Mac’s every morning, tubby. Those ketchup stains on your sweatpants are hawt!

Chalk it up to poor employee training.

Good one Two Beers

It’s true, with all the piled-high meat and grease love around town lately, you know this location will be highly trafficked.

Watch out, yungin’, all that bacon love will catch up with ya.

I hope it’s getting a liquor license so I can start my meal with a McSazerac, and have the appropriate Riesling pairing with my Filet O’ Fish.

Who cares? You can’t put much more lipstick on that pig.

Wow, that is going to look even worse after it gets tagged and they decide to just paint over it sloppily because actually removing the tags would be too expensive.

McDonald’s bought Contigo?