G̶o̶o̶g̶l̶e̶ ̶E̶m̶p̶l̶o̶y̶e̶e̶ Actor: "This is a City For the Right People Who Can Afford It"

At this morning's anti-Google Bus protest at 24th and Valencia, the SF Bay Guardian captured this exchange between a protester and Google Employee actor wishing to be this season's Peter Shih. Oy.

UPDATE: In a completely self-defeating move, this “Google employee” was apparently a staged union organizer.

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He’s “been here 6 months” and owns the City. That’s the mentality of the newly-monied tech-elite from the Midwest.

R.I.P. Vote


I was just coming to post this.

Fuck him.

If you can’t pay your rent, GTFO!

Dude, this low-rent (well, high-rent) Grover Norquist impersonator needs to chill the fuck OUT.

This guy should move to New York and brofound a startup with Peter Shih.

I guess you couldn’t say “a literal straw man,” cuz he’s not made of straw, but at least a straw man who’s a man.

This is why we can;t have nice protests.

What. A. Joke.


Now this falsification/exaggeration will become the story. Great protest, morons!

I love it!

Total fail by Max Bell Alper.

“a union organizer from Oakland”


And now SFBG is completely down?

I came here to say Fuck this guy. I looked at the Youtube comments and it appears that this was staged and not actually a Google employee, but a Union organizer. So my opinion remains unchanged, Fuck this guy.


Max Bell Alper: “He first started doing theater in house shows in Evanston, Illinois with an alternative teenage performance group.”

Fucking. Drama. Queen.

Go back to Illinois, you piece of shit.

He gives our drama queens a bad name.

Tuffy, do you believe everything that you read on the internets?

Well… snopes had nothing to say about it.

This guy moved to the Bay Area from the midwest……to protest people moving into the Bay Area from the midwest?


Reminds me of Chris Daly. He’s got a bright future here.

the fact that this was all staged digs a hole into my heart. I get their intention but the fact that this was all be swept under the rug and used as ammunition to undermine the real issues at hand makes me super upset. This just make folks on the other side of the technology fence look daft and ineffective.

It shows what this is all about - a desire to demonize people who work in tech. Plenty of whom would be sympathetic to the desire for more affordable housing, it should be noted, but the natives here apparently just crave a wealthy straw man for gettin’ their hate on.

That is not what this is about. It’s not about tech workers and taking it personally is stupid. It’s about gentrification and displacement. The bus is an easy symbol of that.

If it’s not personal, then don’t make it personal.

It’s only personal if you take it that way. No one can make you. See any bro ever who complained of reverse racism.

Bus have long had an important place protests. For example Rosa Parks, and the history of the Civil Rights movement.

Heck, in San Francisco, we even have dummies who trash Muni buses after we win baseball world championships.

Like Tianamen Square in China, El Zocolo in Mexico, and the National Mall in the United States, buses have acquired a special meaning in protests

” a desire to demonize people who work in tech” that ranks up there with they hate us and want to kill us because we have freedom.

But yeah. Keeping on thinking those thoughts if it helps you sleep better.

I love it. Just too bad he got outed.

wonder what will happen when someone “street theater protest” the unions with a fake union organizer saying stupid stuff?

Oh, right, that’s never happened and never will.