Burritoeater Takes Some Parting Shots at La Taqueria

Charles Hodgkins is set to retire his long-running burrito reviewing project, Burritoeater, when he reaches 1,000 reviews (and he's only got 7 to go).  Eater SF caught up with him to talk about his love affair with burritos, and the interview really got going when they ask him about La Taqueria, which he recently called a “total travesty”:

This is a perfect time to ask, because I just had one about twenty-four hours ago. Where do I start? I'll start with the size. Even before you bite into it you look at it, and it's just a sad little thing. They're really narrow. The tortilla is steamed, which isn't the end of the world, but my burrito was just sticky, pretty uninviting. You bite in, and it's like 40 percent meat. That's a lot of meat. Obviously there's no rice. Some people love that. I think it's…not okay. So I always give them a zero for rice. It brings down the quality of their burritos. They get drippier because of that. Their pinto beans are really flat-tasting, too. I always ask for my burritos to be spicy, and got zero spice yesterday. The mix was kind of off, even though it was tiny. It's not like it was this gargantuan thing where there's an area code over here and an area code over there. It just was not satisfying.


Read on for his thoughts on Papalote, El Burrito Express, and $10+ burritos.

[Eater SF | GIF by Burrito Justice]

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The super chorizo tacos will get you where you need to go.

Amen. That thing is bomb.

Yo don’t go to La Taqueria for the burritos. You go for the El Dorado (Special) Tacos which are kinda like Chalupa’s (Hard Shell and Soft Taco all in one) The Special Beef Taco is possibly one of the best things on earth.

Hey Kevin.. Please always link retarded conversations about burritos to Serg’s anti-burrito-fetishism manifesto published here a few years ago. That was a fucking masterpiece

I don’t always agree with him, but he’s right: No Rice = No Bueno.

La Taqueria made me the worst simple bean burrito I’ve ever had. That’s no mean feat - they’re more or less the same from taqueria to taqueria.

This dude reviews burritos? No, he reviews wraps.. that’s what SF burritos generally are… wraps. I go out of my way to go there for their exceptional carnitas burritos. EXCEPTIONAL.

What the hell are you talking about. A “wrap” is just a burrito for people who fear ethnic foods.