Tokyo GoGo to Become Cocktail Bar from Dalva/Beretta/Bourbon & Branch Vets


As the Twitter commentariat pointed out yesterday, it's about time for a new cocktail bar to open up around in the Mission.  And, fortunately, a team of esteemed Mission cocktail founders intend of doing just that in the former shell of Tokyo GoGo.  Alcademics has the scoop on ABV, which is slated to open January next year:

The concept is a bar that will offer about 10-15 cocktails and around the same number of small plates dishes, also priced around the same as each other (ten bucks more or less). So, like at Beretta, if you are having great drinks there you may as well order something to great eat as well. […]

The space won't be completely gutted for the rebuild, but they will make the kitchen smaller and remake the bar bigger; extending it to be the focus of the space. You shouldn't expect to too many bar design elements that they feel have become cliched, liked reclaimed wood and bare Edison bulbs. Seating will be primarily at high-top tables and shared tables in the back, to avoid that situation where people at low tables have standing bar patrons' butts in their faces. It will not be a lounge. They'll have some sort of table service and a doorman checking IDs, but not a host stand or typical restaurant reserved seating.

It's important to note they're avoiding gimmicks—not only are reclaimed wood and Edison bulbs getting the shaft, but buzzable things like barrel-aged and bottled cocktails won't be found at ABV.  But need you worry, cocktail aficionados, they'll have “great ice.” (Not that “great ice” is a gimmick or anything.)

[Alcademics] [via Eater]

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Just what San Francisco needs. More beardo-bourbon pros with their sustainable zucchini bitters and fair trade ice. And it’s not a “concept” when its been done one-hundred billion times. That’s a “regurgitate.”

What a concept. Really?

What about the rat infestation? That whole 16th St bar crawl, starting at Este and ending at Elixer should be avoided. You know a better drinking cluster? South of Army.

South of Army? Good one, gramps.

Awesome! I’ve been dying for a place like this to open…again. I hope there’s plenty of dark wood and mixologists!

The Jack Spade crowd will need somewhere upscale to drink.

When I’m in my neighborhood, people call me amigo, or say ‘sir can you help me’, or hey how are you doing? When I go to certain other neighborhoods in SF they usually follow ‘sir’ by……..”it’s time to leave”…..

heh. from my past really. I don’t go to the marina, or noe valley anymore. I get that out my window. Or ten blocks away. When I use to venture from my home at 24th down to 16th. I could find bookstores in the dark, some yuppie bars, but also a reasonably ok place to drink in an alley and see a band. Now we got these fucks with $10 drinks acting street. This is why you buy steel toe boots.
“Sir, I think you are a bit LOUD for this place, you must have a home!”
yah I got a home prick, it use to be this city. fuck your cocktail fusion bars.

time to move to oakland?

Yeah Uptown, nice AD! More bars and overpriced liquor! Just keep out Jack Spade…

Read the post a bit more carefully before you call it an “AD,” bra.

Right, and up is down. Right is left. Coy is honesty.