Middle Schooler Tells Secretary Donovan "White People" and "Muni" Are the Mission's Problems

At least, that's what Chris Roberts heard today at Everett Middle School, when Mayor Lee and United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan toured the school as part of the “Mission Promise” neighborhood tour:

We're sure Ed Lee took that comment well.

[Photo by SF Public Schools]

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Yeah, but it’s OTHER white people, not me.

Certainly not. And not my friends. Or my friends’ friends, either.

What about white people who work for Muni? Are they beyond salvation?

there are no white people that work for muni. all the good government jobs have gone to “minorities.”

Very offensive, hurtful hate speech.

White people ruin everything.

Oh dats racest. Viva la gentrify!

Maybe she means the Irish families that used to live in the Mission. They shouldn’t have left.


Los Jakos Spados – NO MAS!

Aww cute! Let’s make this kid a blogger ! We can call ‘em “Li’l Bigot!” Maybe the kid can go work for David Campos later on?

Ironically, Everett is actually far enough west that it’s in the Castro, and the majority of the immediate hood is white.

As for Muni, she’s certainly right about that.

Ed Lee is a tool of the white establishment class so of course he did not like that (most fucking righteous statement by the child) statement.

He’s a tool of the established class; whether white, black, brown, yellow, or fuchsia. Calling it a uniquely white issue is more retarded than righteous.

Not white drug addicted alcoholics like me so i’m in the clear. BTW while I’m coherent can we name the OBB after Emperor Norton.

Or am I not in the clear either?

white bread chickenshit motherfuckers, and muni

gentrification is the “new” way of colonizing for white ppl.

Oh she’s just sayin’ ~