Tech Founder Complains About the Shithole City He's Forced to Make His Millions In

San Francisco! It's the worst. The weather, the people, the cyclists, the dreary architecture and glum landscape… just ugh—why would any sane person want to live in this urine-scented homeless wasteland? Without the skrillions of available venture funding dollars and generous tech tax breaks, it's obvious San Franawful would drift off into an ocean of irrelevance.

At least, that's the opinion of Peter Shih, co-founder of an assuredly ground-breaking credit card-processing start-up who was forced to move to San Francisco by his cruel funders at Y-Combinator.  Peter took to Medium—the thought platform that's currently the darling hood ornament of the tech community—to air his thoughts on his adopted hometown.  Cleverly titled “10 Things I Hate About You: San Francisco Edition”—which I won't link to on principle—he breaks down SF's problems in a conveniently digestible listicle.

Let's take a look at his better points:

1. Public Transportation

If you don’t agree with me that the SF MUNI is a pathetic excuse for a public transportation system, then I suggest you visit either of the following cities at your convenience and then proceed to get your head out of your ass: New York City, London, Paris, Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong, Seoul, and… actually you know what? Just goto any real city…

San Francisco should be lucky to have Peter.  Peter is bringing the credit card industry to its knees.  Peter is going to change the fucking world.  How dare San Francisco consider itself a real city when its public transportation service isn't exactly what Peter expects.  If Peter lived in a real city, Peter wouldn't need to call an Uber to get where he needs to go.  San Francisco is making Peter use Uber.  How dare San Francisco?

3. Weather

I hate how the weather here is like a woman who is constantly PMSing. I hate how I can’t tell the difference between August and February. I hate how I have to turn on the heater in the middle of summer. I hate having to always carry a jacket because of the 20 degree swings between day and night.

Nature, who the fuck do you think you are?  Peter understands that you're Mother Nature, but you're at least 6,000-years-old according to Rick Perry.  Can't you go through menopause already? Peter needs it to be at least 10 degrees warmer outside so Peter can leave his tech-branded hoodie at home.  Peter is about to unfollow @karlthefog on Twitter.

5. 49ers

No, not the football team, they’re great. I’m referring to all the girls who are obviously 4's and behave like they are 9's. Just because San Francisco has the worst Female to Male ratio in the known universe doesn’t give you the right to be a bitch all the time.

Peter is special.  Peter was accepted into Y-Combinator. Can you imagine some dumb shit woman possibly thinking they are slightly-less-than-perfect around Peter?  Peter is a God.  They should make statues of Peter.  You are a woman in a club.  You are just a 4 compared to Peter.

6. Homeless People

San Francisco has some of the craziest homeless people I have ever seen in my life. Stop giving them money, you know they just buy alcohol and drugs with it right? Next time just hand them a handle of vodka and a pack of cigarettes, it’ll save everyone some trouble. I’m seriously tempted to start fucking with people and pay for homeless guys to ride the Powell street cable cars in the middle of the day, that ought to get the city’s attention.

Peter has been crushing it lately.  Peter's start-up is seeing exponential growth.  Peter is raising money.  Peter is raising hell. Peter is about to hire a growth hacker.  Peter is king.

But San Francisco is bringing Peter down.  San Francisco is allowing mentally ill, drug-addicted homeless people abandoned by society to be in the same 49 square miles as Peter.  Peter does not approve.  Peter just wants to make apps for other Peters, call out some women for being bitches, and put the world's issues out of Peter's mind.  But Peter is a visionary.  Peter is an innovator.  Peter is going to disrupt the city's blindness to Peter's problem with homeless people by paying the homeless to hang out with tourists.  Peter will solve homelessness for Peter.

8. Nightlife (or lack thereof)

Nowadays I don’t even want to go out because getting kicked out of a bar/club at 2AM, which usually is the peak of the night, is just depressing. Pair that shit sandwich with public transit being non-existent past midnight and the Transvestite to Taxi ratio being quite literally off the charts – it is impossible to get home safely, especially if you live far from downtown.

Peter is a warrior.  Peter is not some 9-to-5, color-inside-the-lines corporate drone: Peter is a code-slaying rebel. Peter believes that if you work hard, you should get to play hard too.  Peter wants to shred code all day that disrupts the credit card market, drinking Red Bull and eating Swedish Fish at his desk until 10pm, then go to the club and scold all the 4s who think they're 9s for being bitches.  Can you imagine the gall of California State Law telling him to go home at 2am?

What a bunch of 4s.

10. Bicyclists

Stop being fucking hypocrites. If you want to share the road, then you need to respect the rules of the road and stop running stop signs and lights. Next time I see one of you fuckers bomb through a crosswalk and almost mow down a row of pedestrians I’m going to clothesline you.

Peter drives like he codes: move fast and break things.  Like government regulations and general ethics, bicycles are just getting in the way of Peter's greatness.  Peter will fucking clothesline you.

Peter should go home.

UPDATE: Peter is backtracking.  Peter has deleted the most offensive parts of Peter's article and put up a desperate disclaimer stating it was intended to be satire.  Here is the original post.

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LOL. Do you ever get out? SF is quite a dump, IMO.

Ha Ha finally someone handed San Francisco a wake up call. I lived in SF for 11yrs and I couldn’t agree more with Peter. The only things he missed was the men being little bitches and most of the people being totally full of themselves. Pull your head out of your ass SF.
Oh and I’ve been to most of the places on Peters list that does not make you a snob it makes you able to express an opinion with experience to back it up.
California is not the only place on earth.

No self-respecting women of sound mind would defend him after all that. You’re either trolling or Peter posting as ‘Christine’ to save face.

He missed the “men being little bitches” part because that would have required some self reflection.

The guy may be an arrogarnt prick who is responsible for gentrification and the soulless feeling currently in SF– but he’s not far off on a lot. After living here for 15 years, this city is a mere shell of what it was. Friends of mine who were born and raised here will tell you that too. It’s become increasingly dangerous, the homeless are disgusting and out of control, the bicyclists too are out of control and yes MUNI sucks the big one.

This city has no heart and soul, it’s just a money making opportunity for those select few in tech and they come and live in their fancy houses with their fancy cars and all the artists and creative types are pushed to cities such as Portland or Seattle.

Utter load of bollocks. Hate on the homeless, MUNI, and bicycle riders to your heart’s desire, but it’s far from a new problem; assuming the latter two are even a problem (I think the first is universally agreed upon). And as has been said in these comments over and over again, it’s not the problems identified, it’s the person that’s delivering them (a causal observer-slash-whiner, not doing anything about it), the tone (arrogant and entitled), and the xenophobia (who even says “transvestite” these days?). Being an unfunny twat does not equate satire.

Peter is going to get fired because Peter is making his company look bad for sending Peter to my City.
Peter is going to have an epic sexual dry spell because every woman in SF is going to know Peter is a jackass.
Peter is going to be looking over his shoulder everywhere he goes because every woman, transvestite, SF Muni employee, homeless person, and Karl the Fog are all going to be waiting for an opportunity to kick Peter’s ass. And Peter must know SFPD will be “delayed” just long enough for that person to get away.

And after all that Critical mass will ride over him…

This is what Venture Capital wants to know. This article tells them who just sat in their office, and what they are really like, especially tonight at 2am.

Do you know what else sux about SF? It’s a tiny city, 7 x 7 miles, and you, you wealthy snobby disgusting scene-ruining sexist piece of shit, are going to run into EVERYONE you insulted with your lame ass piece of crypto satire. For a rich pig, you sure are foolish.

A twitter parody account is hardly needed for this piece of shit, but still there is hoping.

Soooo…who can wheatpaste some signs citywide warning ladies not to grant this douchetard access to their mere 4 grade vagina?

I’m sure Peter (and who said irony is dead) won’t need the help.

This native has seen cycles of you ungrateful shitbombs for decades.
The good part is you leave when your 15 minutes are up, to bad your to big of an ass clown to get invited to all the after parties when the clubs close.

Really loving how 95% of the comments here responded to the douchebag in similarly douchebag ways (or worse), including the article author himself. That shows a lot of class. That tells me a lot about San Francisco.
The only commenters who sound like decent people are BeckyBayside and “I love SF!”. Everyone else is just as bad as Peter Shih and Kevin Montgomery – with just different opinions. Thanks San Franciscans…

It is easy for humans to think it is okay to act the same way as is acted upon themselves.
Fighting fire with fire is oftentimes not wise.
If a murderer killed your friend, it does not make it okay or legal to kill the murderer.
Similarly, just because someone attacks you or your friends/city, it does not make it okay to attack them back.
Please, forgive and educate instead.

Wait I’m confused. This asshole who works with credit card companies isn’t upset that human beings are living without shelter or food, just that they are a nuisance. Wow, compassion really doesn’t translate to the banking and tech sectors. Peter, I’ll make sure to introduce myself when we meet in Hell.

Whatt a pussy.

So I get it that people wish our mass transit was like NYC’s. I get it because I moved here from NYC. But I really love (read: sarcasm) how Peter -and SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE- seem to completely forget how there are a ton of major cities without nearly what we have. My LA friends would give their right testicle/boob for mass transit like ours. But I guess Peter doesn’t think LA is a “real city”. Nor, apparently, are Miami, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, Atlanta, Boston, Minneapolis, Denver, and on and on. There are maybe 5 to 10 cities IN THE WORLD with great mass transit systems. Peter named them like he was just starting a long list, but alas, that is the entire list. SF’s system is on the B team - which is pretty fucking great when compared to cities with basically no mass transit at all, and holds up well against other cities with B team systems (like Boston or Chicago).

I’m sorry. I’m just sick of the MUNI/BART bashing. We’re pretty fucking lucky, actually. You can actually live here without a car. But we bitch and moan like we’re in the third world. Perspective - give it a try.

Um, no. Have to disagree with you there. MUNI and BART are both gross, dangerous, poorly managed, and need significant improvement. Forget world-class mass transit like in London, Paris, Tokyo, etc. SF doesn’t even measure up to Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, BC - other smaller West Coast cities.

I do agree that we are lucky for lots of things in SF but not for our transit system.

I find it interesting that you chose Portland to compare. It’s a far smaller city in population so how could it possibly be comparable? You need to choose all apples, my dear. Not apples and anvils. I’ve never been to Portland so I can’t comment on its system. It may well be shining example we can learn from. But I have been to all of the cities *I* mentioned and have ridden their systems. Some are much worse than ours, some are about the same. And they are all much closer in population and ridership. Only NYC is better in the entire US. One - ONE SYSTEM is better than ours. And then of course there are the cities with basically no transit (LA).

As I said, it’s about perspective. When I hear people bitch about mass transit here, they seem to be evaluating it against their dream transit. Which, hey, we should keep doing. We should keep demanding from our community leaders that our system get better. There are lots of improvements we can make. I’m in no way saying it’s perfect. But we also need to remember how actually great the system is and how much worse we could have it and how many cities our size have nothing even close to what we have. Again, you can live here without a car. How many other cities can say that? Very few. Not most of the ones on my list, that’s for sure. By that standard alone, our system is one of the best.

No dear, it isn’t “much smaller”. According to Google population stats, SF is 800K and Portland is 600K. Pulling from your list…Boston, Seattle, and Denver are also 600K (same as Portland), Miami is 400K, and Minneapolis is over 3M. So I find it interesting that you use population as the pretext to pick a fight and pull a condescending attitude given that the cities you use in your own comparison are much father apart A) from each other in size and B) from SF in size. For reference, Zurich has 400K and its transit system has higher availability and is much cleaner and safer than SF. It isn’t about population - it is about priority, values, and tax base. But based on actual population figures, yours is the apples to avils comparison as SF and Portland are pretty close.

No mater however. My point is that SF transit has serious problems which need to be fixed (which you seem to agree with). Simple availability of transit isn’t the only criteria after all. Children have been stabbed on MUNI buses in San Francisco. Human feces cause the shut down of escalators on both MUNI and BART. Our buses hit and kill pedestrians all too frequently. The astoundingly high bacteria counts in the cusions on BART are well documented. ClipperCard is so badly designed as to be a complete joke - as are the in-terminal POS systems. SF MUNI trains do not get stuck for 30+ minutes underground as regularly as they used to but, the system still blows with regard to its on-time rates. As a resident and tax payer, I expect much better.

If and when you do go to Portland, ride one of their light-rail trains and ask yourself how this (much poorer) city manages to have clean, safe trains and we don’t. The tax base in SF far outpaces that of Portland (even without factoring in recent real estate rises) and the tourist taxes/revenues that come into SF are staggering. We have much more money. It just isn’t being prioritized against mass transit. So no, I don’t think our system is one of the best. It is mismanaged and dangerous.

BackteX from - get your head out of your ass if you don’t agree with me that SF Muni is a pathetic excuse. .

I’ll be done after this because it’s clear you aren’t interested in considering other opinions. Just wanted to point out that you can’t use the city of San Francisco’s population only to measure this. I’ll own up to the fact that I wrote “SF” so it’s partly my fault. But you have to use the whole Bay Area to measure this since people live in all the different counties and come to SF for work - meaning they all use our mass transit. And that population is a little over 7million.

Greater Boston has around 7 million, too. Chicago’s Metropolitan area is in the 9mil range. LA County is about 9mil. DC Met area is around 9mil. And NYC is clocking at 9mil, too. You’re right about Minne, though. It is smaller being around only 4 mil. So yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. If you’re going to throw facts around, think through your analysis of them first.

And finally, if you think NYC doesn’t have all the problems you noted (stabbings, feces, people being hit by trains and buses, there aren’t even any cushions there - the actually come in to train cars with a giant hose and just spray the fuckers down with water as their way of “cleaning” them, delays, problems with card readers, etc) then you’re crazy. The first time I came here and rode BART I was amazed at how nice it was in comparison to NYC subways. But whatever. You’re clearly devoted to hating on SF mass transit. So like I said, I’m done now.


“Thankyouandgoodnight” … Classic sign off of someone who has lost the debate.

LOL. Totally.

I think you’re mixing up who you’re talking to. I didn’t mention anything about NYC and am not “hating” on SF mass transit. Rather, as a long-time SF citizen and mass transit user, I’m pointing out the very real problems that it does have. Of course I’m glad we have it as I use it everyday. I’m devoted to improving it…and that starts with an honest look at where it falls short.

Vancouver, BC has a great public transportation system. I can’t say the same for Portland. They have a a mix of light rail and buses. It isn’t all that different from what we have here.

I feel lucky to be able to enjoy the article two-folds. One is that the sarcasm is authentic (and that really should be anyone’s chief complaint of West Coast in general is its lack of good sarcasm) and the lines are good. The second way I’m enjoying the article, as a person also named Peter, is to pretend the sarcastic hyperbole is sincere and to read each of Kevin’s responses as affirmations when my self-esteem is low. Either way I’ll be revisiting this article. The comments section is pretty good too. Good job team.

Shihface, get out of San Francisco and take your fucking company with you.

the 49er comment is kinda true tho

Seriously? I can picture exactly what your “number” must be, BRO.

Goooood. Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you. lol at all the butthurt.

I have lived in sf for 25 yrs& LOVE it here. I have been a bicycle commuter for that long as well. I find peter’s view on the homeless & women offensive, but he makes a couple of cogent points: sf rolls up too early, muni should run later, and I’m pretty fed up with other bicyclist cutting me off at stop signs. Hey bicyclist, learn some respect for pedestrians, other cyclists, and, yes, drivers!

While his post came off douchey, let’s be honest: people seem to embellish how awesome of a city San Francisco is and unfortunately it’s nearly sacrilegious to even criticize the city in the least. This post proves that.

The weather here really does suck most of the time. Public transport has it’s issues (though in all honesty is better than anywhere else I’ve lived). The homeless problem is just that: a problem. The women here are not as attractive as they are in other parts of the country (granted that’s entirely personal opinion, and admittedly shallow… I’ve met far more interesting women here than anywhere I’ve been, so it’s a tradeoff). Parking is miserable. Nobody can deny that. The startup guys are ruining this city. I’m one of them. People like me moving into this city chasing some big dream are driving up rent prices, destroying the eclectic culture that made SF amazing, and generally creating a hivemind culture. You have the right to criticize a society while still being a part of said society. The cost of living is outrageous. See my previous comments.

The only parts I disagree with are the nightlife – there is so much to do here, and honestly, you get used to bars closing early after a short time living here – and the crime – I haven’t really seen more crime here than any other urban area, especially accounting for homeless population and population density.

In short, get over yourself. You sound like just as big of a douchebag. People can criticize SF and still enjoy it. Or not. Different strokes for different folks. Not everyone has to gush 24/7 about how amazing it is to live in SF like you do.

The weather here doesn’t suck if you like the weather here. I found the lack of seasons disconcerting when I moved here 18 years ago. It didn’t take long before it dawned on me: No more cold weather, and if I want hot weather I can just hop on BART.

I’m glad you found it in yourself to write an essay about your opinions that no one cares about. You’re missing the point about why everyone is mad. Also, TL;DR.

I’m glad you found it in yourself to write an essay about your opinions that no one cares about. You’re missing the point about why everyone is mad. Also, TL;DR.

If you got a problem with our city then move ur BS tech company out of here and go to an even worse place like Omaha.. We already got enough of u fucking no good DOT com techies and yuppies moving in ruining OUR city with your elitist tendencies and lack of cultural insight. If your company moved here against your will then quit your job and please leave. If your not willing to accecpt the city for the gem it is then get gone.

We’ll finally someone doesn’t like this city–perhaps the tides are turning & all of us who love SF can have it back. Hate away, Peter & then put your money where your mouth is and get out! Good riddance–I’d love to see the population of the city go down thanks to folks actually moving away–less traffic and fewer haters sounds great to me!

Anyone could write the same criticisms of San Francisco in a reasonable way and have a civil and likely uneventful discussion about them. (Except for his jab at women, perhaps). It’s not the content that folks are reacting to, it’s that he comes across as a misogynistic sociopathic asshole.

He may or may not be. He may be the second coming of Mother Teresa, or maybe Jack the Ripper, or Dick Cheney - I’ll never know, 99% of the people reading this will never know, most of us can’t be arsed enough to care, and it probably won’t matter in the end.

10 Things I Hate About Peter
is a classist.
self centered
mind numbing
small minded

“3. Weather

I hate how the weather here is like a woman who is constantly PMSing. I hate how I can’t tell the difference between August and February. I hate how I have to turn on the heater in the middle of summer. I hate having to always carry a jacket because of the 20 degree swings between day and night.”

Where has this person lived that the temps vary less? San Francisco has the most consistent weather pattern of any region than I’ve lived (NE, Mid-Atlantic, South, Southwest). I have a smaller wardrobe because the weather has *maybe* a 15 degree difference day-round (wunderground is a great resource because they have weather stations listed for locations around the city). The wind is the real culprit. You can solve that by living closer to the Bay. Yes, you carry a hoodie or jacket. A valid complaint would be the lack of warm nights, which I do miss. Honestly, I do love the fact I can wear pretty much the same clothes year-round. Also, I almost never turn on the heat.

move out to oakland fool, you’ll be better off

Yes. How dare Peter have an opinion.

San Francisco is a great city, but Peter is really not that far off.

So he uses strong language? Detach your emotions and realize SF will never be NYC. When you are used to a city that has it all, then chastised in your new home, perhaps you have a different perspective.

It’s not “strong language.” It’s language used by a manchild to shit on women and “transvestites.” There’s a difference.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles, Dallas, Honolulu, San Diego, Houston, Memphis, and visited several other major and minor cities in these United States. (Yes, San Francisco is one of them). New York is the only city I’ve been in that the bars stay open past two am. And a city does need either parking or public transportation. Oh well, I guess there are no Utopias out there.

whine, bitch, complain. Gangnam style your punk ass out of the Bay Area Peter. Do us a favor.

same as above

if new york is so fucking awesome why don’t these jackasses stay in new york, where everything is magical and clean and rich and beautiful and convenient? just asking.

Give the guy a break. We’re all entitled to have a rant now and again.

Obviously his comments are ill-judged, but they’re just opinions. Let’s allow someone to have some strong opinions that don’t really harm anyone, without public outrage..

You all rant and rave so well.
Anyone have a tip on a great place to get food late night?
Or make music?

Is this how people talk in San Francisco? Hypersnark? It’s not that I don’t get the sophisticated humour of, er, a man in a Pooh Bear costume, it’s that it’s…somewhat frowned upon in the heterosexual community. Yeah, I went there, and it’s the #1 peeve of straight people about gays: it’s not the buttsecks, it’s the snark. And the over the top hysteria in lieu of manly, rational, mature debate. I’m just trying to help.

Repeating the guy’s argument in a hypersnarky - and hyperenvious, I might add - tone isn’t an effective rebuttal, it’s more a concession that the guy has a point. Public transit is indeed poor, the homeless and attendant urine smell do in fact lower quality of life significantly.

Misogyny? Candidly, you lack the necessities to make that call. You’re not smart enough or mature enough to tell others what is and isn’t sexist. Intolerance? Look who’s making sneering references to Christians via Rick Perry, and there are a lot more Christians than gays in Merica, so by definition you are significantly (> 1 order of magnitude) more hateful than the anti-gay crowd.

Time to take a look in the mirror fella.

Marching in lockstep with the status quo, but pretending
to be open minded, avant garde, and original.

“in my 15 years in SF…blah blah”

Casually labeling people mysoginists.

Things entitled douchebags/ettes do or say.

Peter provoked a strong reaction, because Peter got it right. Whether he has lived here for 6 months, or 16 years. Bitching
about a bitch, bitching makes you the biggest bitch of all. Well done Kevin.

The real problem is that he’s right.

Nope. Nopenopenope. That’s not the real problem. The real problem is that he’s taken his “jokes” straight off of beer koozies they sell in Texas. WOMEN! PMS! MEN WEARING DRESSES! AMIRITE?

I think Peter makes some good points. I lived in San Francisco, and though it has great aspects, I found the city a challenge.

1) The homelessness is simply ever present everywhere. It is a sad commentary on America that we cannot do something meaningfully therapeutic about homelessness, but much of it revolves around mental illness and drug addiction. Even the mentally ill have constitutional rights to deny treatment and unless they are a danger to themselves or others, remain on the street they will. Drug addiction is rife. I have seen needle sharing 100 yards from city hall with elbows in the door section of a corner mailbox as the needle was pushed in, and then handed to a girlfriend for her turn (and all summed up with a romantic kiss after they completed sharing their injection). Schizophrenic rantings are common on Market Street. Public urination occurs everywhere at all times, and at night defecation occurs in every back alley.

For a sense of personal security, SF is lacking in many many ways. Police are not physically present as they are in NYC. In my experience most woman must careful walking the night streets of San Francisco whichever section they are in. Random crime is just that random and not in the worst sections exclusively. It is easy for neer-do-wells to get to ‘upper scale” places to victimize citizens. So the sense of security is missing in many parts near downtown SF in my experience.

2) The weather. Yes he is right and so is Mark Twain or the rumor that he said this: “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” So mother nature or not, the weather is simply better in the east bay, south bay, and much of Marin county.

3) The social scene: I wasnt rich, nor poor, but I have heard a lot of griping about SF and the difficulty in building a good social life.

4) Natural Parks are plentiful, but you need to drive 2 hours to get to them from center city: Marin Headlands 45 minutes to navigate lights, traffic and GG bridge; Yosemite is 5 hours; Lake Tahoe is 3 hours, and on Sunday SF return give it 5 hrs; Mt. Diablo is 1.5 hours away … simply parks are not close enough to be relevant. Moving to sporting fields for the community .. .simply not around. Adult soccer, adult softball, I found it not easy to be involved.

5) Parking fines and traffic fines. 453 dollars for a red light violation; 453 dollars for a speeding fine, 75 bucks or so for parking meter violation … it is insane. 453 dollars is 1% of the national average income.

6) Car theft, bike theft, smash and grab … Nearly all parking in SF is street parking, and everyone has been victimized by a car related theft. There is no way to avoid it. You take it as a part of the life and expect it to happen, so you dont keep a good car and you certainly remove all your belongings and have a theft proof radio.

7) Public transportation and even private transportation: I lived in Twin Peaks … The street lights are not significantly sequenced so a ride down market street will require a full redlight stop every 5-7 streets. it is 45 minutes from door to work door all driving about 5 miles. Peter is right, the cyclists dont stop at redlights but blow right through them because there isnt sufficient timing to allow a quick commute. Then there is ‘take back’ or ‘cycle road rage’ i forget what the group is, but monthly a few hundred bicyclists would simply clog the commute and create havoc for the purpose of demonstrating that nobody gives a care about bicycling. People in these groups would often behave in very threatening manners to cars, to pedestrians, and because they were on bikes were virtually impossible to apprehend when they would assault or behave in a law breaking way. So I agree, the bike people did behave in a double standard way … not all but enough where I can see Peter’s point.

8) Cost of living and taxes and taxes and taxes … The place is expensive plain and simple: housing, insurance, restaurants, taxes (city and state and federal). I dont think it gets much more expensive than in SF.

9) Millions for the tech founder. If he has millions or not, he has a right to discuss this. Every San Fransisco talks about homelessness, the need to improve social interaction, the giant sucking sound of commuters going home to the east/south/north bay at days end; the crime; taxes; and much more. Lastly not all tech founders make millions … in fact most make nothing and become employees of others in industry. And it is irrelevant if he makes millions because at least he is trying to create a dialogue about obvious issues with the city (albeit in a sophomoric tone).

People may find the way Peter presented his ideas as offensive, but San Francisco for the average worker and then some is a grind and can be a very unpleasant place to live.

4) Natural Parks are plentiful, but you need to drive 2 hours to get to them from center city:

Try the 76 bus.

TL;DR. Glad you got that all off your chest, bro.

Peterneedstostopthebong! Peter got too high on SF pot, and Peter started talking like a tough mook from Staten Island. Peter needs to take the boat back to his shak in tottenville and stop acting like he was a baller poppin bottles at Procovateur! Now everything he said about SF is true, but if you are a real international NY jetsetter baller you keep it for yourself!

ycombinator expects you to move to the bay area for 3 months when they fund you. Peter is not required to live in San Francisco. He could live in Palo Alto, San Jose, Napa or in a dozen other nice places. He chose SF, which has a lot going for it even with the problems.

everywhere has pluses and minuses that equal zero. everywhere is the same. i just dont want to live in a place with not many pluses or minuses

I feel sorry for Peter. We wanted a villain or poster boy for what’s wrong with SF these days and he’s volunteered.

I know many of you disagree with Peter.

I have lived in Seattle, NYC, LA and SF. And many of the points Peter makes are true.

Weather blows in SF. Foggy in the summer and always in the 50s. Rarely a BBQ.

Social/club/Women/Nighlife scene in SF is total junior varsity. And I am in the tech business. Women are over rated and hard to find. Nightlife scene is weak to say the least.

Don’t choke yourself up at this comparison, but the diniing scene is - oh..wait, more sophisticated thans SF’s! Yes I said that.

Homeless situation is dreadfull.

Deal with it SF sycophants. Just maybe, maybe, your city is not as steller as you think it is. NYC dwarf’s you. But natuarlly you guys obviusly are tech innovators - but alas, thats not the discussion here.

Friendly advice, people will criticize you for talking badly about women.

Good that NYC scale exists, but id does not make other cities dwarfs

For being in the tech industry, you sure are shit at using the internet.

Look there! It appears that SF is not in the 50’s all the time! And this thing of fact also includes colder areas like the Richmond and Sunset in its average! You know what that means? It means there are warmer areas too! You know, like the Mission and the Marina! And I don’t ever here people lauding after the weather in Seattle and NYC so you’re making very little sense.

Nobody is on here saying how stellar SF is. People are simply defending a place they live/lived in, and care about.

And since you brought up dreadful, check your spelling.

here asshole, i’ll help you out with your stupid comment:


you’re welcome. feel free to join peter back in NYC

He has a valid point. WTF do bars close at 2?

State law. Don’t blame SF. Our state senator tried to change that.

Lived in SF for six years and you know, he’s not completely wrong. There’ s a lot of bullshit to deal with in SF and yes sometimes it sucks but I guess the same could be said for any city. It also has it’s redeeming qualities too. i.e. weed

A great place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there. SF is a beautiful hunk of real estate with a great history run by people who shouldn’t be in charge of a bingo game.

The bluntness of the criticisms - authentically offered from one guys perspective and hardly a unique one - sorry feminists but YES men do notice how attractive women are and making it taboo to talk about it won’t change that nor will imposing rules about how it is expressed (She’s very nice but I’d prefer someone who I feel chemistry with = “she’s a 1” just wordier) - don’t detract from the accuracy of his observations.

One thing jumps out at me, too many respondents blithe acceptance of crime and aggressive homeless people in the name of humanity. You fools are blindly making the problem worse, clearly these weakest and sickest among you have heard and embraced the excuses you make for them. No system is perfect and there are homeless everywhere. Only in San Francisco are they in your face making demands like you owe them, disrupting businesses and pissing in the streets in front of everyone…and you have MORE than anywhere I have been in the US. You’ve traded standards of behavior for lie that everyone should feel proud of how they live and practically made homeless a valid life choice.

Generally the level of brainless ragey threat-ridden illogical frothing mixed with politically correct whimpering in this article and the discussion responses make it clear why things are such a mess.

Meanwhile in NYC:

“According to the proposed policy, if homeless single adults do not return to their former location, they will be forcibly removed by an officer before they become eligible for shelter again.

If family members or friends refuse to take back the individuals, homeless shelters will have the authority to deny them space.”

Man, fuck you.

“sorry feminists”

say man, SF needs to do something about the Homeless problem though. ITS really ridiculous.

Lived in the gay area all my life and he NAILED IT!!! LOL!!!

How witty! “Gay Area”! LOLZ! Hashtag Hilarious!


San Francisco women are the wonderful. It is not surprising that Peter has trouble getting a date.

What idiotic drivel. Kevin Montgomery’s, that is.

Oh the ironing.

Who the fuck are you???? get the fuck of the fuckin city and keep your fukin mouth shut you mother fucking asshole

Pretty much sums it up. Kind of sounds like LA to me.

I live in SAN FRANCISCO and i fucking LOVE <3 this city.

FOllow me on instagram @yomuscleboi. I follow back. :)

First off if anyone wants to have a “successful” startup, never publicly vent about ANY city that funds your startup. You will find yourself as an undesirable investment (by association).

Secondly, if you don’t like the city, move to another startup friendly city, there are plenty of them! NY, OC, LA, just pick one.

Entrepreneur and startups don’t “have” to be in the bay area anymore to be successful.

I bet Peter shih isn’t even from NY. He most likely only moved to Manhattan within the last 10 years and never lived in an outer borough. Nyc mass transit sucks unless you are only going uptown/downtown in Manhattan.
I’m glad they are curtailing stop & frisk in NY. I can’t wait to see how all the transplants who think the city is so safe deal with some real NY shit.
That said, I never lived in SF, but it is my favorite city after NY.

sounds like Peter needs to change jobs and go work for Abercrombie & Fitch

golly, a buzzfeed listicle. will wonders never cease.

This is getting great. We have one saying SF isn’t that great because Yosemite - you know, that jewel of a national park that people fly from around the world to experience - is a few hours drive away. Jesus fucking wept.

As for the homeless….SF has a homeless problem because the United States of America has a homeless problem. As much as many would like SF to be an island, a vacuum so to speak, it’s not. NYC did not solve its homeless problem. It moved it. Nevada had a policy of shipping its mentally ill to California. SF was also disproportionately affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic which has resulted in a shift in public policy and general fund allocations from housing and behavioral health. Not that it matters. It’s easier to just moan from a position of ignorance and privilege.

At the end of it all, if you hate SF so much, it’s not hard to leave. There are countless people waiting for a job, an apartment, and an opportunity to live here. SF has its issues. Sure. Duh. But if you can’t find a place for yourself to have fun between the Marina, the Mission, Napa/Sonoma, Tahoe, Yosemite, Big Sur and the California Coast, I’m going to assume that the problem lies with you(!) not the area itself.

Bars closing at 2:00 is not unique to SF, by the way. And if you can’t get your fill by then, maybe that’s why you’re having trouble with the ladies.

Sorry Peter you’re having so much trouble with girls that are 4s but act like 9s. Maybe it’s because you look like a tall version of the boy from UP!

I grew up in San Francisco and I do believe there are issues that needs addressing, but you just appear to be very bitter at the city that brought you, your success.

49er problem = moving to Santa Clara. Peter types told the mayors to bend over backwards for Oracles sail boat hobby sports, and they didn’t work the deal with the 9ers. Its time to push back against the Peters.

In light of the “Go back to NYC” thing, it’s worth noting that his facebook profile says he’s from Palo Alto originally.

A W E S O M E. This may be the most fun I’ve had on the internet ever.

Hey Peter. Please don’t come to San Francisco! We don’t want you and your douchiness. It’s people like you that are destroying this city! Oh we don’t want your piece of shit startup either! Does Paul Graham know what kind of whiny little bitches he is funding? If not, maybe I’ll give him a call. So please for the sake of the Awesome non-douchey people of San Francisco, stay the fuck away! Or we may just have to come to your office and drag your battered ass back to New York. So please shut the fuck up, continue to work on your failure of a startup, but just don’t do it here in SF! I hope the crack heads of the tenderloin eat you alive!

the whine of the entitled is the shrillest sound of all. also, satire tends to be funny, this is just loud whining by a boy of privilege. hope his company goes bankrupt in the next dot bomb.

I am 5th generation San Franciscan and grew up in the Sunset. I hope I don’t offend anyone but PETER can go piss up a rope. Who cares what this guy thinks. He is the reason why people are tempted to leave this city. Go swipe a credit card somewhere else. Don’t forget to tip your door guy you prick.

While San Francisco is not without its faults and people should be free to express their opinions, it’s very frustrating to hear from someone who is technically a boss, someone who should be more professional, just be so unapologetically sexist and heartless.

The author of this article grew up in new england and moved to San Francisco….Peter shih grew up in the bay area and only worked in NYC for 2 years… “Peter should go home”? he is home…

you can be from Elsewhere and be more of a San Franciscan than someone allegedly from here. If he grew up in the Bay Area that could be the exurbs of Contra Costa County or some other haven of privilege.

So yeah, STFU ,Peter Shih, hope your company gets stomped by Square or something.

Its not a question of defining whether one is more “San Franciscan” or not but rather one of exposure. Even if one is from the burbs, one tends to identify with the largest proximal city, in this case San Francisco. Having grown up in the now defined area, he would have been exposed to the changes and also constant problems that has plagued San Francisco Proper. All of this doesn’t make his points any less valid.

Are you saying that you have nothing but good things to say about where you are from?

Actually if you read his original post without the D-Bag comments from Kevin Montgomery you might find that most of these comments (1,2,4,6,7,8,9) are spot on. If you have ever lived in a REAL MAJOR CITY (Chicago, NYC, Tokyo, take your pick) the complaints about shit public transit, early closure of everything not just bars, exorbitant cost and ridiculous crime (esp considering rent costs) ring very true. I like clouds and fall weather so I disagree on that point. I could give a shit if he continues to live here or not but he makes some very valid points. I dont care if he is a tech geek or a social worker, either way a lot of this is true. I hope dbags like Kevin don’t move over to Oakland though because we are already getting enough insufferable morons over here from SF.
Original post here:…

He’s absolutely right about the bicycle thing…well, maybe not the clothesline part. But that’s not an SF problem…it’s (at least) a continent-wide problem.

As an ex San Franciscan, I think most of what he says is true. I do disagree about the weather and the women though.

Having said that, if you can’t take the stench of urine and feces on Market Street in the morning, then you have no right to live in San Francisco.

Go home Peter

This is becoming like the comment section on SFGATE, hundreds of comments with too many written by neanderthals.

Peter just sucks at living here.

Nightlife? I know a dozen after hours amazing parties that I would prefer over the douchey clubs you likely frequent, and theyre open til you drop.

Women? Sounds like a personal problem.

Weather? Indian summer bursting forth like a phoenix spawns the best daytime parties in public places that few cities would tolerate. Learn to appreciate contrasts. New York winter is fucking hardcore.

Go back to NYC please, you such at living here.

Soooo what you’re say is, you’re a prissy pussy boy who can’t handle the smell of a real city? You sound like some nerd who can’t handle the stink of a real man. How about sucking it up, because what you make all your money on doesn’t make the world or city a better place. You don’t contribute anything beneficial, just whiny complaints. You’re complaining about living amongst other human beings, and just because they don’t have the money like you, doesn’t mean they don’t have a place here. If anything, it should remind how luck you are and where you could end up. San Francisco isn’t gilded, it is real, and it’s beautiful.

Oh and Peter, I took a look at your profile picture on twitter and I can see why you hate life so much. Sometime San Francisco can be cruel to someone who looks like you, but after reading what you said, it probably has something to do with your shitty attitude. You’re definitely not anything special, so stop shitting on a city and it’s people.

I’m a queer Asian American women and I think this Peter is such a prick! He obviously was raised in a bubble of entitlement and privilege. This is a liberal space. Of course there are bikers, people who cares about the environment. And women aren’t going to let I him talk to them like that? A 4 to 9? Really? I’m going into the tech field, and this is really depressing to hear, holy jeezus god. All this gender and class ignorance. Please stop giving technies a bad name! It’s bad enough that people think we are heartless, selfish, spoiled little menancial creatures invading the city of SF and stealing it’s cultural identity. Even if he likes it or not, he cannot avoid being a representative of the Asian American ethnicity. No we can’t “blend in” even after 200-300s years of being here. That’s white privilege. He has all of this entitlement, and instead of doing something for the homeless, he has to screw it up. If he hates SF so much, why doesn’t he move to Marin, or Mill Valley. God, what an awful piece of humanity. I hope more women go into the tech industry. I am beginning to feel like we are the only ones who will take a step back and say wait a minute, let’s help our community grow, since we are a part of it too.

It’s people like you that have destroyed San Francisco. Instead of being a city where people could come and be free, they are subjected to your kind oppressive political attitudes. Yes, we are moving out of San Francisco. We’re trying to recreate the tolerant and liberal spirit that used to make up San Francisco elsewhere, far away from people like you.

San Francisco has always been dirty and run-down. The difference is that it used to be cheap, edgy, and free; you could move there, be different, and live the way you wanted. Nowadays, San Francisco is expensive, oppressive, and boring. It’s become a city for rich kids who would like to be edgy and free but really are just socially challenged JavaScript nerds.

San Francisco has become a fake, and a dirty and expensive one at that.

We see Peter. U about to get slapped up

These people think the world owes them a living and that the world should just run on its own fucking steam. Maybe if they paid an equitable share of taxes like the folks in all those other Sterling Transport cities Peter mentioned, we’d all have better trasnport as well as solving the other pesky problems that irritate the white ass of Peter.

Perhaps Peter doesn’t realize that San Francisco actually has real people living here who interact with each other face to face on a fairly regular basis. We talk. We eat and drink together. We go to clubs together and then we go home, get some sleep and deal with our day gigs. Maybe if he steps out of his bubble and talks to some of us face to face and gets to know us as people rather than avatars, he won’t be writing so much snarky bullshit anymore. Or maybe snarky bullshit is his bread and butter, in which case, we don’t need him here.

Oh, who am I kidding. All of my friends are moving to Oakland and I probably will do the same in the next several months anyway. He can keep San Francisco and continue driving up its cost of living and sense of entitlement. “Satire” my ass.

I mean, he’s pretty much right across the board. And this is coming from someone whose grown up here and doesn’t work in tech at all. It’s ok to be critical of a place.

Boohoohoo. Someone call the whambulance. God forbid we have weather that changes frequently. Or that there are homeless people and cyclists that sometimes don’t follow the rules of the road. And really, considering the only thing going for this loser is his money, how dare he rant about the uppity females of this city. Nothing is worse than an ugly woman… Right?

Most of Peter’s observations are spot on. Where he went wrong was being such a drama queen about it in public forum. (Didn’t anyone tell him about privacy settings? Silly tech boy.)

What a D-head. This dude definitely needs to go back home. What he can’t find an after party or an ounce of empathy for that matter. The amount of gay men in the city, up the ratio of single girls. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. San Francisco is one of the best cities I’ve ever been to. It’s got a culture, and vibe like no other place in the world. Maybe he can raise some more funds for a friggen plane ticket to whateverthell city in middle America. I’m surprised he didn’t comment on the gays or the ethnic diversity here…..

Time to go out in this awful San Francisco weather and bike to Dolores Park.

reminder that peter’s awesome startup has 150 likes on facebook and that he spent all day yesterday manually deleting comments from it


This is a real Shih-storm!

But is it really news that a young person is crying about some trivial crap? Eventually after living a bit, he’ll realize it was no big deal. Man up and shut up. All of you, too. “Sticks and stones will break my bones but I get all uppity if someone bla bla too bored to even fini…”

When you were born, the modern world and everything you see was already fully formed, wrought from a billion people’s effort over a 400-year time span. You can’t do squat in life except get better at accepting it and mastering its principles.

Write back soon honey,


Leave Peter, please leave… Oh you can’t can you? You still need to make your quick money on the big sell-off before your company craters. San Francisco isn’t just the city itself you fucking dillweed! Try taking a 20 minute drive to Marin some time, where the average temp is 72 degrees year round and there is sun all the time. Or try Napa, or Sonoma or Oakland. Stop thinking of your world as a 2 smile square.

I moved from SF to Austin 4 years ago and I really miss it. Hopefully the way things are going, all the folks like Peter will move their companies here, and I can move back to SF when rents get back to normal. Then they can start complaining about how Texas provides no services for the poor/homeless/mentally ill/etc.

I agree. However, I dislike cocky guys like him. I used to be in love with San Francisco, even with its flaws - public transport, homelessness, dirty streets, bad nightlife - this is part of life. What is irritating lately, I realized, is that everybody in the city is overly “politically correct”, everybody claims to be so open-minded that they actually don’t realize that there is a whole different reality outside of the 49 sq miles they live in. It is a beautiful city indeed, just a little too dreamy.

Peter Shih is 100% correct.
Anyone who actually believes SF is a great city is, in a word, provincial.
It’s a low quality place to live. All but the most exclusive neighborhoods are moldy, rotten hovels that cost as much as Manhattan RE. The food? Impressive only to hillbillies. The women? 49ers is a perfect description, not only because of their overall lack of physical beauty, but extreme dearth of taste, sophistication, class, character, and above all maturity. One gets the distinct impression that SF females stop maturing emotionally and intellectually once they reach puberty. The only ‘men’ who get along with such creatures are those with the same lack of maturity.
You really can’t fault Shih on a single criticism he dishes out. If you do, you’re showing provinciality, unsophistication, and general immaturity.
And with the Web 2.0 bubble set to pop, that pale imitation of a real city is about to get a reality adjustment crash course. It will be hilarious to watch.

Peter is right, the perversion of SF is destroying the entire city. Weirdos dressed in drag, homosexuals molesting each other in public. They should call for a mass extermination of these demons and resurrect the once great SF.

Final observation:
For any who have done any serious amount of world traveling, something about SF is particularly striking: it’s rapidly starting to look like a third world city.
You can see it by the stark separations in neighborhoods - you’re either rich, or dirt poor. The rich neighborhoods are almost fantasylands and are starting to become garish in their displays of wealth. The poor neighborhoods are starting to look truly filthy and decrepit.
The middle class has been almost completely squeezed out of that town. What’s left is a 5% very rich surrounded by a destitute and somewhat nomadic 95% miserable poor living in squalor.
SF, prepare to evoke comparisons with places like Guatemala, Bangladesh and Kenya. You’re on the very precipice, and it seems inevitable you’ll roll over.
It’s a real shame. The city could be a western version of Hong Kong or Singapore. Too bad it looks like it will be Vancouver instead, with SF on its way to becoming a Pacific Detroit.

I’m updating my chart and I need to know, are the Richmond and Sunset “5% very rich” or “95% miserable poor living in squalor”?

That’s the trend throughout the United States as income and wealth disparities increase. Perhaps San Francisco (and especially the Mission District) provide a stark example, but they are in no way unique.

I especially note the new Vara apartments with several untouchable encampments nearby.

Get over it San Francisco, you’ve already won the anus of the US award. You can’t also be a pussy too.

It’s “Guliani time” but Ed Lee showed up instead…

Personally, I like the weather…

It’s a primer for the afterlife where there won’t be any night or day – just endless San Francisco weather and endless affordable housing…

He forgot to add the women in SF who used to be men…

Some of them are 9s…

That evens things up…

That fellow in the pic. is the Muni driver taking his coffee break…

get the fuck out of town loser…….no body likes you anyway!

Typical kid who lives in San Francisco for a year or two and then leaves.

Peter S MY D

I agree with Peter and most comments on the almanac do too. We are not talking about what great things SF also has but more precisely about the ridiculous problems a trendy rich city should not have at all. Super high rent - tech companies all over - money flowing all over yet lets face it downtown is a shit hole and that is probably the only thing that’s keeping the rent prices from skyrocketing to the f-ing moon. So thanks almanac and “Peter”. Those who have a hard time with this article are 1. simply on low IQ 2.Ignorant about thir surroundings 3. filthy rich and don’t give a shit 4.Totally new to the city and just wanting to fit in with the hipsters.

As an expat NYer living in SF, I can tell Peter one thing.

GTFO of SF if you don’t like it. There isn’t enough room in town to fit your ego and all residents in one place.

And no, New York doesn’t want you or your pretentious twat self back, either.

I agree with Peter on everything but the weather.

Pete’s writing is a lot more witty than the dipshit who posted this article.

The author did a sloppy job in addressing his points. There is substance but terribly written. I also think he shouldn’t blast a city that has provided him a very healthy compensation as well as insulting the hub of global technology of which he has based his career in ::smacks self in head::

But I loved his point on the homeless. As a former resident of NYC, I can appreciate this point and humor. Though our city may have a deep connection to compassion of the homeless (the reference to St. Francis noted above) we have to see the fine line between being compassionate and stupid. Our programs here only encourage them to sustain a life of poverty and mental illness. They clearly don’t work yet we mark them off as being compassionate. That’s stupid.

The homeless situation is embarrassing and the #1 complaint of our visitors is how aggressive and out of control they are. We need to get this in check before we can be defensive on this stance.

There’s no mention here of Peter’s blatant transphobia: “…and the Transvestite to Taxi ratio being quite literally off the charts..” (Btw, transvestite is our equivalent of the N-word; even self-identified crossdressers find it offensive). Could it be that, after decades of lobbying for basic human rights, anti-trans sentiment is still not hip enough for hip folks to call out? Misogyny, yeah. Classism, of course! Transphobia…what? Huh? Transssss….what?


What I’ve always enjoyed about Kevin’s writing is his unabashed full of shitness that comes out of his mouth, he’s the kind of guy who goes to a stake house and complains about no vegetarian dishes, he’s the kind of guy who sees modern technology like cars as the problem and not bike riders who dart in front or blow through stop signs or red lights, yes a lot of bike riders in SF are cool as shit, but a lot of them suck and are no better than the anarchist or the gutter punks.

Also Kevin is not even from California, if I recall he’s from Boston, so there you go, the kettle calling the pot an outsider who should not live here. No one wines more for the loss of white privilege than Kevin.

Hmm, last I read it wasn’t KevMo that was bitching about SF.

Please click ← and go back to your SFGATE comment cesspool.

You can tell the link from sfgate has brought a lot of new commenters!

Perhaps Peter will use his mighty code writing tech skills to “disrupt” the city of San Francisco and make it a Utopia.

I doubt it though. He’s probably too busy seeking rents and figuring out how to get people to click ads or buy more stuff online like 99% of the other tech scum.

I like visiting my sister city to the north, but just to visit…I prefer the surfer-dude techies of Santa Monica and Irvine down here. I can’t bad mouth her because I have only visited so I’ll stay down in LA fat and laid back.

If the homeless passed out on the streets were effective as a repellant for these scum-ball corporate types I would be in favor of having half a dozen of them per block.

Don’t Complain Peter. Move the hell out of here. No one is forcing you to stay. I was not happy in my former hometown, but I didn’t complain like an immature adult. I moved to one of the most beautiful cities in the US - San Francisco, California.

Turns out San Franciscans and New Yorkers are equally delusional. Both places are great and both suck for entirely different reasons. But the one thing they have in common is big collective egos.

I like San Francisco, but your points on attacking his points come off as more douchey and defensive. At least he’s stating his opinions. I believe cyclists should follow the rules of road to. You love your city and you also have your opinion, which I can appreciate, but none of your comments on his points really contradict or prove them wrong.

*follow the rules of the road too

Its obvious that Kevin Montgomery is infatuated with SF and will go through any length to protect it. This article is about about bashing Peter for being a pompous ass; which is written by another pompous ass. I wonder what Kevin sees when he looks in the mirror, i figure its a potato sack dripping with the vomit of 1000 monkeys.

Yes the way Peter worded his opinion is extremely unprofessional and distasteful, but it doesn’t deviate from some of the truths of SF. Kevin fails to see this and just makes an idiot of himself on the internet by doing what Peter did to a City but by doing it to another human being

Kevin Montgomery? You win an “i am a pompous idiot who cant read between the lines because I am blinded by my amour and bias for my favorite city in the world therefore rendering my opinions into nothing more than diarrhea from my mouth” award.

EXACTLY. couldnt have said it better myself.

people wouldn’t be so upset if it weren’t all true. it’s not offensive, it’s his opinions based on his experiences.

What wrong did Peter write? San Francisco is a bitch.. I think the writer ridiculing him doesn’t want to face the truth.. He just needed something to write about that will get a lot of comments and what’s better than ridiculing a person who is saying things about SF (even if they are completely true)

The homeless, drug users/abusers, and people with psychiatric problems are by far some of the most discriminated people across the country. It’s unfortunate that there is a need to further publicly demonize people whose psychosocial issues are not well understood. Fortunately as consumers we can educate others not to purchase or support this highly insensitive and ignorant person and the company he’s evolving.

As a native San Franciscan I’m less offended of the characterization of the city. I do take offense to ridiculing the most marginalized in society.

Errr…have you lived in other cities besides SF? Or lived in NYC for a decent amount of time to compare?

A lot of his points do have merit. Though it’s hilarious that he thinks NYC doesn’t have as much crime and homeless people as SF :-)

I agree with him entirely. I recently moved to SF from NYC. I lasted 3.5 months. Fun place to visit but a total shit hole.

I too hate San Fran. It is a smaller, dirtier, crappier, corporate version of Seattle. Seattle > San Fran

Seattle=whole milk and wonder bread compared to San Francisco

Actually being in Los Angeles I encounter people like this all the time and what you have to realize New Yorlers are NARCISSTIC, SELF -IMPORTANT idiots who think the world revolves around them…in other words they think the “refrigerator light” only comes on when they open the door.

Being from California and having been to New York (and come away non impressed) I have made some observations also:

1) New York is DIRTY - the amount of people, the rats, the roaches, the filth. Have you seen their idea of beaches!?!? Filthy, with dirty amusement park rides, trash barges…their beaches look like sewage waste accidents..even the SAND is dirty..oh my God and people actually wear bathing suits and get in the water !! Yuck.

2) New Yorkers can ONLY live in New York - dont let them fool you, beyond their braggadocio and false ego they are really inept at living anywhere except a city that is designed like a hamster cage. They NEED to live in an apartment the size of our closets, next door to a neighbor they hardly have ANY interaction with, walk outside pick up the new york times, mindlessly hop on a train, be told what the latest fashion is etc…all in a fashion that requires them to use NO brain whatsoever..they are actually human hamsters…the New York media hammers them into their false sense of self belief. Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, The Bay…anyplace where things are not “laid out” for them and they are required to think on their OWN, is when their complaining starts.

3) We are Smarter than them - so far I hear them talk loud but when I look around the 21st Century, last time I looked EVERYTHING that is moving things in the 21st Worldwide is/has been conceived, developed and created in or near California or very near it (CISCO, Google, Adobe, AMD, Sun ,Oracle, Amazon, HP, eBay, Intel, NVidia etc…I cut the list short…however nearly EVERYTHING they touch, see hear, smell or taste that is technological…comes from HERE) not to mention the Military Technology toys that are developed here (Raytheon, etc) that power everything from the Tomahawk Missile Guidance System to the Unmanned Drones. The Space Shuttle was built and developed here, the SR-22 Blackbird (Skunkworks), the Stealth Bomber, The Stealth Fighter, the B2 Bomber. (JPL) two Mars Rovers are heading the forefront into our exploration of Mars…and dont forget Standford University was just voted the best University in the United States…while its next door neighbor Berkely is no slouch (giving us the Founder of Google)…and then a small school caled CalTEch is at the Forefront of Science and Research..ahead of much bigger MIT.

New Yorkers just have their head too far up their….to GOOGLE anything and get facts.

For now I will just give you those three….I think i will start a blog…and to show you even how far back they are…I wrote this piece and Im from the “hood’ !!

Forgot to mention that the homeless problem in SF is really an issue. It’s also a huge issue in Seattle and Vancouver BTW…their homeless make the tourist areas unsafe because they harass tourists aggressively so their downtown areas are nearly empty at night.

We visited San Fran earlier this year. Walked to a restaurant (AQ) outside the Union Square area and noticed a lot of homeless people smoking pot in the areas we walked by. We were told by a local later that week while riding the old trolleys that someone dies (knifing or shooting despite guns being pretty much banned from legal ownership in SF) every night in that area we walked through. We didn’t know better because we were tourists but weren’t surprised.

And we have similar problems w/ cyclists in Boston. I’m a cyclist myself (ride an old Serotta CSi) and always obey the rules, but I swear the ones who break the rules give cyclists a bad name by ignoring traffic rules, then they complain that people don’t treat them like vehicles :-P

And there’s a reason NY and LA are fashion centers and SF is not ;-)

Like I said, if you’ve never lived in other cities besides SF, you can say he’s lying, but if you’ve honestly visited others for a good length of time and lived in them, he’s right on a lot of points…he just could have said the things less bluntly. SF does have a lot of nice features he didn’t touch on though.

This guy is pretty much right on.

KevMo for mayor!

KevMo for president!

He did present his arguments in an incredibly douchebaggy way, I’ll give you that, but honestly, hes right about SOME of the things he said. The weather in SF sucks, the transportation is shit, the homeless situation is ridiculous, and the bicyclists are quite frequently dangerous and disrespectful. I don’t really care about his nightlife complaints, and his 49 issue is probably evidence of some mental stability issues. but the rest of his points are correct. This city isn’t great. Its not even admirable. Its a city like any other, it just has bigger and more obvious problems than most others. (its kind of hard to ignore national news coverage of looming BART strikes every month, and the homeless on literally every block in downtown asking for money) I’m not agreeing with the way this guy went about his complaints, but i AM saying that the complaints are valid, and honestly, they’re shared by alot of people. I also find it funny that Peter complained about the homeless, and the writer of this article, Kevin, just bashed Peter for being a douchebag about it, instead of bringing up the bigger issue, THE FACT THAT ITS A PROBLEM THIS CITY HAS SO MANY HOMELESS. Its a problem for the city, and its a problem for humanity, and these people aren’t being helped. but instead of Kevin pointing out that maybe something should be done about the homeless problems instead of compaining about it, he points out that Peter is a douchebag, remember, so fuck his opinions. after all, there is no homeless problem, right Kevin? in my opinion Peter couldn’t have gone about posting these complaints in a worse way, but also Kevin shouldnt be shitting on him just for pointing out some problems. They’re both douchebags, but honestly, the guy pointing out the city’s problems makes more sense to me than the guy writing an entire article devoted to making sure that anyone voicing a negative opinion, valid or not, is publicly ostricized for being an asshole. Kevin wants you to keep your problems to yourself and be thankful you live in a shithole instead of trying to change it. lol

Well lets name one big city that doesn’t have issues:

- NY - expensive as hell, over crowded, guidos, douchebags, old money, roach and rat infested, old tenements and projects now called ‘condos’, walkups, tiny apartments, high municipal tax, etc, winters and oh… hurricanes

-, Seattle - suicide weather, poor transportation, homeless, flooding, expensive

- LA - terrible traffic, douchebags, homeless, hollywood, gangs violence, shitty public school system, too spread out, expensive

- Chicago, - oppressive summer weather, oppressive winter weather, horrific gang problem, racial polarization, traffic

etc, etc…

SF has always had a bad homeless problem. However it was a lot worse in the 80s and 90s. During the 80s/90s there was a homeless encampment right in front of city hall for YEARS!. I mean it was literally a village of homeless people in that park in front of City Hall and the Main library.

Anyway, ya’ll need to stop complaining and either stay in SF and try to make it better through public service/activism or leave. If you leave hopefully the rent can go down and the surviving native SF communities may have a chance of keeping their homes and apartments

im a Chicago native that has been going to sf almost monthly for 8 years.
I agree with some points and disagree with some
sf does have the worst homeless situation I have ever seen any stroll in the tenderloin down mission or market will make anyone feel like they are in a mental ward it doesn’t seem like their just homeless but also mentally ill by the screaming and constant talking to themselves sad reality but true.

the urine smell on any warm day the stench of urine is overpowering in some areas, maybe im not from there so I notice it more.

the weather does change and its a wet cold there but if you dress accordingly not a big deal.

one thing I don’t see on his list of rants that I will add to it is human feces and syringes on the ground I have seen needles in a lot of public places and almost leaned on an open used syringe on market street.

nightlife yur dead wrong sf has some of the best house music clubs in the world and im from Chicago places like the end up don’t close at 2 or 4 or 6 they keep rocking all day all night just cut off liquor sales ata point so obviously your not going to the right places.

dining in sf is always good never had a bad meal there.

muni is not the greatest always good people watching sometimes over crowded but it will get you where you need to go, but if your a hot shot tech guy drop some of the big bucks you make and buy a car

I think the original post by Peter is hysterical! Thanks for the humor in seeing SF as it really is. We live here because we love the quirkiness. I’ve never lived in NYC, but I love the comparison, and yes, I spend 85% of my income on rent. That part sucks!

Sorry that all of you including Kevin got offended. I’m still laughing, thanks Peter!!

Peter Shih and all of the other fucking techie hipsters currently destroying the housing/rental market and distinctiveness of San Francisco is welcome to pack his bags and get the hell out of our city as quick as his stubby little legs will carry him. If the real estate developers didn’t own our city government, it would have put the breaks on the flood of self-important assholes currently driving those of us who have long been residents to despair. This is San Francisco, we like our self-confident women residents, our trannies, our cyclists, and Muni. We like our lovely fog that covers us in a blanket of wonderful, gray mist all summer and protects us from the nastiness of heat, light, and grown men wearing shorts. We don’t want him here any more than he wants to be here, so why doesn’t he pack up and move down to San Jose with the rest of his ilk and take the goddamned America’s Cup with him.

Well lookee here, the poor shlub just issued quite the apology.

I’m Sorry

I want to sincerely apologize to everyone who read my poorly written blog post about San Francisco. I made idiotic and childish, but worse yet, thoughtless, hurtful and offensive comments that I am deeply sorry about.

There are no excuses for my poor judgment, so I make none. I take full responsibility that this mistake was completely my own.

I truly apologize for embarrassing and completely maligning the communities I represent. Again, no excuses, I’m just really sorry.

I don’t deserve any forgiveness for the stupidity of my actions and words, but I sincerely hope to demonstrate by my future behavior to humbly build up and not tear down the communities and people around me.

I have lived in SF for over 20 years. I really don’t get it. 350+ comments. Are the new young ones in the mission really that sensitive or stupid? What? you can’t put people or their opinions in their place. I say to you all. You are just as bad. You feel entitled to SF just as he feels the opposite.

Whatever. He is a kid. But you people are smarts. haha. Grow up everyone. We can say anything we want. The mission and the responses here are a joke. Just so many people entitled little rich ones.

I digress. Anyone can say anything. And all of you 350+ people get hurt. Now that’s funny. I don’t give a shit what he thinks. I want fog, fernet and bart running. xo.

He raises a lot of valid points actually. I see very few counter arguments from people who act all upset about him.

Always amusing when the drug damaged radical hippie left and their dna damaged occupy anarchist truther offspring show their racist bigot homophobic side in public.

p.s. and we Bay Area natives know what you really mean when you say go home to Asians.

It’s much easier to complain than to be part of the solution. Yes, we have problems but, all cities do. But, the main point that needs to be made is NOT ONE THING is forcing anyone to stay here. If you hate it, please leave. And please stop trying to change the city into a collection of suburban chains and garbage boutiques. If that is what you are seeking, there is an unlimited number of locations in the United States to fulfill your needs.

Gosh, I hope this dude can get the word out to everyone who’s ever thought of moving to San Francisco. The last thing San Francisco needs is even more newcomers crowding into it, and driving up apartment rent even more. If enough people stay away, maybe the city would be more like it was in the 60s and 70s - cheap rents, and more bohemian than Yuppie. Of course, I feel that way when I hear SOME immigrants gripe about how horrible it is to be discriminated against here in the U.S. If only they would write home and warn everyone about what a miserable place this country is, so many would be spared the anguish of living here.

I left the Bay Area years ago, but when I find myself in the city, I’ve noticed the same things. The wind or smog punishes you; public transportation seems to have the quality of a city destroyed by aliens, a city to live in for the affluent only. Try and find parking while you make it to a movie, and if you slip up, be prepared to pay a lot. The tourist traps themselves never seem to change, and the whole city seems to be a mirage for tourists. I’ve been in all the cities, including Europe, and nowhere, do the homeless make it seem like being in a zombie movie. Who even thinks of a night at the opera or the symphony without months of saving, and since when has any mayor been in charge of a truly innovative move forward in city living?

Sorry, it’s a beautiful setting, but it’s a small city with a big city set of problems. It looks European, but it’s far western saloon ambiance.

By comparison, almost any German or French city of approximately the same size would be better. Or maybe any European city.

If he hates SF so much, why don’t he move to Palo Alto or Redwood Shores and commute like a lot of Techies. Or even better, why don’t he get another job. SF, like every city has it’s share of problems. I happen to LOVE the weather ( that is why I stayed here after finishing school). His comments remind me of a picture I once saw on facebook of a guy inside of his Porche 911 that had driven through wet cement in the Marina district ( he did not get out of his car to help the people who were trying to dig him out because he was too busy on his car phone) and was subsequently stuck .

A lot of what he said is true…but worry not Peter, there are some East Coast transplants douchebags like you that moved here, and some of them are East Coast wanna be tough guys…I happen to be one of those Tough Guys, and I will have no problem administering the beating on you that you filled out the application for with this blog (really,I’m serious)….oh, and SF has the most breathtaking sightseeing of any city in the U.S., and without SF, there may not have been a Jerry Garcia.

After traveling all across the US I will SF is very overrated! Would not want to live there. The guy is right about the girls and 49er thing. Not to mention its overprices and the weather sucks!

Give me SD, LA, even Bakersfield over SF!

Damn, he got one thing right. The city does smell of urine anywhere you go. Especially when the wind blows and you think you are inhaling that fresh ocean breeze when it actually is dried homeless piss….

What the hell Peter is doing in SF if is so aweful

I could not agree more with Pete. Been here for 15 years and I ask my self all the time the same F… questions. Why do I live in such an over priced city just makes no sense for what it really is. Over priced rent, over priced food, you can’t even have lunch now days for less than $15 and the list goes on. But don’t get me wrong, its a gorgeous beautiful city if you come as a tourist or when we get 3 days of sun, but on all the aspects mentioned on the article, peter is right on point. I think this is why I have such a love HATE relationship with it.

Haven’t seen Peter’s pix but if this is what comes out of his mouth when he opens it, it’s no wonder he can’t get a date, with a 4 OR a 9. Sorry, Peter, we like our guys classy and fun. Rich is optional. We don’t wear heels much ‘cause we like to be able to run for a cable car or out onto the beach or to the museum before closing time or maybe out into a field to look up at the stars. Maybe you need to be in Singapore or NYC where people….shop (with their credit cards).

*snaps with Stashia in the Z formation*

Hey, Peter.

What’s up with your New York City bankers on Wall Street?! They fucked the economy, causing thousands to be homeless (REALLY LITERALLY).

Did you write a thoughtful article about how they continue to screw us over? Are you wailing to the high heavens yet? Or are is the sanitized stench of your Wall Street the sanctum sanctorum that must not be touched, lest no one bankrolls your all-too important brainchild?

Where are numbers 2, 4, 7, and 9?

high tech blight. Anybody whose been here a while (meaning born and raised) knows what i mean.

He’s an entitled prick whose oblivious to everything. Does he not know anything about the city that he lives in?

Conspicuously absent from your blog post is even the slightest attempt to refute any of the complaints.

As a native who lived and grew up in SF for 25 years AND also started at the birth of this whole digital industry in SOMA in ‘96 - Let me break it down:

Yes, SF is has its issues and that’s what makes it special. Actually, it was at one time, a culturally rich city with great music, artists and families who could actually afford to raise kids and buy a home. The best thing about growing up in SF was that my friends were Black, Asian, Latino, Pacific Islander AND believe it or not white folks were the minority in my schools!! I’m a black male and all my friends were of various shades and we all had a community and families that looked out for us. Music (mostly, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Soul, Psych-Rock and Latin) could be found all over the city, along with art, murals and social activism. Let us not forget SF and the bay area at large were the epicenter for the counter-culture, and liberation movements (including the SF State riots - that my mom was involved in - black panthers and immigrant rights) - So, fuck all the dumb shit, remember the historical underpinnings that have shaped the face and vibe of SF for many years.

Let fast forward to ‘95-2001 - the first gold rush. People from ALL over the country came for the dot com boom. Rents go sky high, vacancy is below 1% and douche-bags a plenty seek their new fortune at the dozens of 20-something run startups (Excite, Organic, Razor-fish, Studio Archetype,, Frog Design,, you name it). Shit hits the fan w the market correction in 2001, the old-farts say “I told you so, there IS no new economy”, most companies go belly-up or get delisted from NASDAQ, a large percentage of the transplants leave.

12 years later, SF changes as the survivors and those businesses that actually offered real consumer or customer value have established themselves - Twitter, Google, Salesforce, etc. The market has matured, consumers are more saavy, broadband internent and wireless internet is ubiquitous and internet enabled devices become cheaper and to purchase. Consumers look to digital as primary channel for commerce, information, utility, etc.. VCs a plenty look to fund innovative ideas and promising biz models. SO, the gold rush and influx of folks like Peter or less fortunate up-starts pounce upon the SF landscape again.

My message is this: I’m not one to knock the hustle. Go get your money do what you need to do. I’m doing that too (only in Silicon Beach - aka Venice/Santa Monica) HOWEVER, if you are going to come in and criticize my city, where the natives have paved the way for your asses to come here and prosper, you really should take your ass back to another more fully gentrified area like the West Village or wherever you lived in NY.

Complaining about all the shit Peter mentioned would be the equivalent of me complaining about NY saying - it is too loud, has too many people, too many cars, too expensive and the subways stations are dilapidated + hot as a sauna in the summer, the streets smell like shit from all the fumes + sewers, the winters sucks and the sleet/ice on the sidewalk make people slip and bust their asses. I mean really man? You moved to a fucking CITY DUMB ASS. What did you expect? Go live in Fremont or some shit if you can’t handle a city.

Anyway, I’ve had it with yuppie assholes and hipsters coming to SF talking shit. GO THE FUCK BACK HOME if you don’t like it.

As a matter of fact, wait until we experience the next big earthquake and that ought to send Peter and all you other pompous transplants packing their bag..

Dear San Francisco,

Grow a thicker skin. Quit being such a wussy.

- Fresno

Kevin, this post is amazing.

This is right up there with Gawker’s best.

Keep up the good work!

if they were going to give the USA and enima it would be instered in San Francisco

if they were going to give the USA and enima it would be instered in San Francisco

if they were going to give the USA and enima it would be instered in San Francisco!!

Let’s be honest, he is correct in regard to Muni and the homeless!

Muni is pretty bad all over. Bus and bus drivers are terrible and the street cars have major reliaibility problems. The homelesses get in which makes for a terrible ride.

Homeless are a real problem, but the city is working on dealing with it. Could do more!

For the rest maybe this is not the city for him!

How insecure are people in their choice of living in SF that they have to attack Peter for his [largely correct] opinions?!

RELAX, people - ESPECIALLY all you 4’s!

Peter’s critique is largely accurate, though at times a but obnoxiously stated.

Perhaps that’s why this poorly written response attacks him, his position of privilege, and his temerity to call out things that you either accept about SF or try to ignore or deny - but doesn’t really directly take on his assertions as false.

The truth is SF is a mixed bag. Deal with it. Chill out. You either like the good enough to accept the bad that comes with it. For instance, the fun zaniness and permissiveness that brings us the Folsom Street Fair and Bay to Breakers also brings us anti-business and anti-property-owner nonsense and a homeless epidemic you don’t see in more rationally-governed cities with even warmer weather.

Peter’s 100% right in his criticism. Maybe he’s not a SF person. Shouting him down says more about your insecurity than his. Stop making yourselves look bad!

Palo Alto should publicly reach out to him and offer him sanctuary from all the haters. That would be a good PR stunt. (Though their public transit is probably even worse…except that they probably don’t tolerate filthy, angry insane bus riders down there.)

Chill out SF. Stop being such big babies!

I think we should all be nice to each other and eat cake. Also, party at my place Saturday. Its going to be groovy. Lets bring groovy back or a word like groovy. Something hipster tech homelsssy tacoy. Ummm.. Something utterly San Francisco and NOW baby. F it lets just use grooby. I actually mis-spelled that. I men’t to type groovy again but now that I think about it grooby is just fine so I’m calling it. Everyone start saying grooby. Tech nerds, artists, homeless folks, those Fers in City Hall who are F’n it up for the people thats in the streets, Burning man cosmonauts, druggys, dealers, cops, robbers, muggers, winos, old people who have lived here for ever, bridge and tunnel children, folks from oakland or the cesar chavez gang, china town gangsters and their moms who make tastey tasty dumplings tourests from europe eat while watching cable cars go up and down hilly hills all day.

In short, everyone should just keep F’n until we are all the same color and income level.

Here an invisible poem I just wrote:

Wow look at all my typos. It’s like I was eating a sandwich while I typed that. *burp*

Wow is this guy a complete asshole! I really dont think the issue is that this guy was ranting. I think its tge fact he sounds like a total douchebag in how he says it! Certainly everyone is entitled to their opinions but dear lord! The offensive, degrading manner with condescending undertones is what blows it out of the water for me! YOU DONT LIKE IT THEN MOVE DICK! No one will miss you!

Peter sounds an awful lot like City Supervisor Scott Weiner, who wants to close all city parks at 6pm, and needs to go home, also.

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He hasn’t made any statements that aren’t true.

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I have lived here since 1962 when my white barely post teen parents pushed me through the all black Fillmore District. They jusrt arrived a year ago to join the Beats in SF and Big Sur. I have lived here a long time, recalling being on my dads shoulders listening to Grace Slick belting out White Rabbit in Golden Gate Park iin 1968 or 67 I dont remember and don’t care you know what I mean when you get to old to give a fuck about the details - theres nothing left to prove after 50 yrs. of bullshit living in a culture of liars and getter overs at every level, finding the promises of advancement thru education and the American dream a crock of shit that I cannot even afford a home in my home.But I resigned myself to perrenial apartmentalism and a life fringing on criminalism and brushes with the spector of death - no shit! I never thought it would turn out so badly and weirdly. The only constant is this city I live in, knowing every nuance of its buildings, the cast of light at different times of day and the people the city over. The intimacy has been astounding despite the real blight cited by Peter. I stopped taking Muni in Graduate school when I had to take the 16 Fillmore to my Predoctoral Internship at Mt. Zion ad hoc UCSF campus. I recall waiting at Dolores and 16 in the morning putting down to see one coming. Oddly I saw many people pouring out of the bus at 16 and Mission worker commute hour. But the fucker was coming afterall was all I thought with delight. It pulled up empty, excrpt for two people, one way up front the other way in back. Weird! But I got onn anyways the driver as usual black and hostile. That was normal so I did not think twice. I sat by the front person. The bus pulled away and took off. I asked why there was no one in the bus, by the way? He or she, a black rider nonchalantly said that the man at the back of the bus had pulled out a gun at the last stop and everyone left. OKAY! I got off at the next stop and took my chances w the next one. Now I recall, I was so numb to the ways of the city, having been shot at on Valencia St a few yrs earlier and seeing two men brandish pistols in the of 24 and Mission parked in the middle of the intersection, arguing over who cut who off, prompting a nosedive to the sidewalk, on my part behind a flimsy metal newspaper rack - I did not even think to report it. Than there was the 7 ft. man who was clearly psychotic who got on the 16 Fillmore with a smoking chainsaw and a can of gasoline right next to me. That was an attention. grabber. But what did it in the end was the night I saw human feces smeared on the seats of a 14 Mission and shortly thereafter, seeing someone blow their nose in their hand and hold the bar. That was 1996. I have basically never taken Muni again. A coworker back in my paralegal days before post graduate school took the Geary bus to the end of the line from work every night. One night she was the only one alone on the bus near the male driver. He calmly pulled out a hunting knife and played with it, keeping her on the bus well past when she would have exited, talking about nothing with her. He finally allowed her to leave. I just dont fucking ride Muni! No one would, if they had those experiences.. But I still love SF, even though the Feds are here everywhere now creating a very bad undertone of aggression and deceit. The hammer is coming down on the local citizens soon. The long, warm beautiful peaceful days are over by their palpable presence, yet unnanounced to the public. Its going to be a shocker when it is. It is so sad to see this city colonized by these “Visigoths” that have stormed and usurped from the inside out

He’s absolutely 100% correct. MUNI is wretched, the bums are disgusting, cyclists are hypocritical fascists.

I pray things don’t get worse for poor pampered (momma’s boy) Peter. You can never find a tampon when you need one, right, Peterless!

I don’t even need to say anything about my own feelings on the city: the original post and its aftermath are the best proof of this SF’s number one problem. No one is ever allowed to say anything bad about this city, or they are attacked as carpetbaggers, hate mongers, snobs or know-nothings. No one ever looks seriously at SF’s problems because it’s too full of self-satisfied upper-middle-class white people with blinders on. I posted a complaint about the aspects of city life on FB a few years ago and was similarly attacked. Although Shih’s more powerful points were clouded by misogyny and crassness, his thoughts about the homeless problem and public transport, and the techie mindset are all spot-on. Some additional issues he missed:

-All the power lies with two age groups: the young (25-35) techies who make disproportionate amounts of money and no responsibilities, drive up rents; and the baby boomers (60 & up) who bought property before the first ’90s boom, and don’t care about the house prices because they already own (if not also living off income made renting to others). If you land somewhere in the middle of these two groups, you are probably going to be squeezed by SF’s insane housing market and high cost of living.

-Over 25% of black residents have left SF in the last 10 years, having been priced out or finding more sympathetic environments elsewhere. A disproportionate number of the black population consists of disenfranchised drug addicts and homeless people. As a black woman I am deeply concerned about raising my son in a city where the vast majority of blacks he sees are down and out. There is no significant black middle class and no one seems to notice or mind. The dominant ethnic minority is Asians and these are mostly deeply assimilated Asian Americans who behave pretty much as the rich white residents do.

-The homeless problem is a combination of lousy mental health services and ill-conceived non-profit activist groups who fight for “people who live outside’s” rights, but look the other way at the misery these people live in from day to day. Anyone who lives in SF probably knows someone who has been attacked by a homeless person, but, like any problem in the city, it’s more pleasant just to not talk about it.

-It’s an incredibly corrupt city where extravagant shakedowns of everyday citizens is business as usual. Several city workers at the residential permit office have told me to my face that the whole system is pretty much racketeering and there’s nothing that can be done about it. I know residents involved in contracting that say it’s par for the course to trade political contributions for pushing development projects through. Others pay for lucrative city jobs where the only job requirement is pretty much to look the other way at all this.

-The cultural life SUCKS. San Franciscans love to extoll their ‘World-Class city’ to anyone who will listen. Aside from its foodie culture, which is great if you can afford to enjoy a $1000 dinner FOR TWO, the worlds of art, drama, and music are as dry and predictable as any third-tier city, which is ultimately what it is. However, San Franciscans insist on comparing their city to New York and L.A., when it should really be comparing it to Columbia, SC or El Paso, TX (2 cities with equivalent populations). If they want to be taken seriously within their real (not imaginary) urban peer group, they need to stop deluding themselves about the city’s scale and importance.

Of course, problematic public transportation, corruption and homelessness are nothing new. Those problems exist in other cities I’ve lived in (L.A., New York, London) but the big difference is this: YOU ARE ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT THEM, and by doing so, the problems can at least begin to be addressed. After years of difficulty, L.A. is finally starting to resolve its public transportation woes with a decent light rail line. Other cities are working on their issues of poverty, corruption, and inequity. But because everyone here is supposed to thank the skies above every day for the incredible blessing of living here, these problems NEVER get addressed.

Now let the eviscerations by fanatical SF lovers begin!

I don’t even need to say anything about my own feelings on the city: the original post and its aftermath are the best proof of this SF’s number one problem. No one is ever allowed to say anything bad about this city, or they are attacked as carpetbaggers, hate mongers, snobs or know-nothings. No one ever looks seriously at SF’s problems because it’s too full of self-satisfied upper-middle-class white people with blinders on. I posted a complaint about the aspects of city life on FB a few years ago and was similarly attacked. Although Shih’s more powerful points were clouded by misogyny and crassness, his thoughts about the homeless problem and public transport, and the techie mindset are all spot-on. Some additional issues he missed:

-All the power lies with two age groups: the young (25-35) techies who make disproportionate amounts of money and no responsibilities, drive up rents; and the baby boomers (60 & up) who bought property before the first ’90s boom, and don’t care about the house prices because they already own (if not also living off income made renting to others). If you land somewhere in the middle of these two groups, you are probably going to be squeezed by SF’s insane housing market and high cost of living.

-Over 25% of black residents have left SF in the last 10 years, having been priced out or finding more sympathetic environments elsewhere. A disproportionate number of the black population consists of disenfranchised drug addicts and homeless people. As a black woman I am deeply concerned about raising my son in a city where the vast majority of blacks he sees are down and out. There is no significant black middle class and no one seems to notice or mind. The dominant ethnic minority is Asians and these are mostly deeply assimilated Asian Americans who behave pretty much as the rich white residents do.

-The homeless problem is a combination of lousy mental health services and ill-conceived non-profit activist groups who fight for “people who live outside’s” rights, but look the other way at the misery these people live in from day to day. Anyone who lives in SF probably knows someone who has been attacked by a homeless person, but, like any problem in the city, it’s more pleasant just to not talk about it.

-It’s an incredibly corrupt city where extravagant shakedowns of everyday citizens is business as usual. Several city workers at the residential permit office have told me to my face that the whole system is pretty much racketeering and there’s nothing that can be done about it. I know residents involved in contracting that say it’s par for the course to trade political contributions for pushing development projects through. Others pay for lucrative city jobs where the only job requirement is pretty much to look the other way at all this.

-The cultural life SUCKS. San Franciscans love to extoll their ‘World-Class city’ to anyone who will listen. Aside from its foodie culture, which is great if you can afford to enjoy a $1000 dinner FOR TWO, the worlds of art, drama, and music are as dry and predictable as any third-tier city, which is ultimately what it is. However, San Franciscans insist on comparing their city to New York and L.A., when it should really be comparing it to Columbia, SC or El Paso, TX (2 cities with equivalent populations). If they want to be taken seriously within their real (not imaginary) urban peer group, they need to stop deluding themselves about the city’s scale and importance.

Of course, problematic public transportation, corruption and homelessness are nothing new. Those problems exist in other cities I’ve lived in (L.A., New York, London) but the big difference is this: YOU ARE ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT THEM, and by doing so, the problems can at least begin to be addressed. After years of difficulty, L.A. is finally starting to resolve its public transportation woes with a decent light rail line. Other cities are working on their issues of poverty, corruption, and inequity. But because everyone here is supposed to thank the skies above every day for the incredible blessing of living here, these problems NEVER get addressed.

Now let the eviscerations by fanatical SF lovers begin!

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well, well, well. it’s about time someone brave enough to list out the negatives of san francisco.

I don’t understand why the outburst of media attacks on someone who is frank about the problems of a city. given san franciso is not, by all means and measure, a perfect city and it should be subjected to criticism like others.

ok, I can see the point of if someone doesn’t enjoy where s/he is, s/he shouldn’t be there and whine about it, but still, isn’t it harsh for others feeling so personally offended that this is all over the net?

in any case, i personal agree with peter on his points, and this is coming from someone who grew up in the ‘city’ and is no longer living there for exactly these reasons plus more.

good luck to all of your san franciscians

agreed about the tenderloin. Fuck that place.

If you don’t like San Francisco, then don’t live, work or visit San Francisco! Simple as that. My city doesn’t need whiny little bitches…It is what it is…Deal with it or move the F on!

*nodding* Yep, your (extremely) thin-skinned, nasty, sarcastic response to Shih’s article sums up EVERY SINGLE FREAKING REASON I fled–FLED, I TELL YOU!–from San Francisco after enduring 2.5 years there. Never in my life–and I’ve lived a lot of places–have I encountered a more arrogant, snide, full-of-themselves, soulless, faux-intellectual, self-righteous while being un-self-aware city full of jerks than I have in San Francisco. The city itself is beautiful–as a photographer, I hold my breath and come back (while doing my best to ignore the excuses for human beings around me) regularly to photograph San Francisco, but there’s not enough money in the world to get me to live there again. You’re insufferable. All of you. That you would react with such bitterness and vitriol when somebody dares to criticize you? Utterly unsurprising.

I agree he is a douche, but surely one or two of his points are valid. I’ve never been to San Francisco, but I do live in an allegedly world class city with embarrassing and laughable public transport. Isn’t better public transportation something that would benefit the 99% even more than the Peters. And the bicyclists… We have them too. Is he wrong? I don’t think so.

GET THE FUCK OUT PETER AND TAKE YOUR WHACK ASS FRIENDS WITH YOU CUMHOLE!BEEN here since ‘94 and never have seen rent so high and such non diversity I am starting to question everything and I love this amazing city. I am so angry at your article and peo…See More
Dear Khary (An Autobiography of Gentrification), learn something fool! Others are suffering really becuz of douches like you and whatever friends you may have left!
10 ways to open your heart to San Francisco — The Peter Shih Edition A love letter from a dreamer to

We really just don’t like you.

He is NOT wrong at all about the homeless problem. His own success millionaire or not has nothing to do with his opinion on the homeless problem. A poor man will say the SAME THING about the SF homeless. Why attack him for his financial success? Attack the subject at hand. You have nothing against his argument. He spoke the truth.

I’m in L.A., I ride a bike, and I agree with Peter about bicyclists. Most will give a motorist the finger if they don’t get the full lane, even if there is also an empty bike lane. And most also seem to think stop signs don’t apply to them. I also found Peter’s other points about SF not only spot-on but, moreover, funny. People need to lighten up. Or as the Joker said, “This town needs an enema!”

p.s. Whatever happened to free-speech?

I agree with every word Peter says. The weather is rubbish, the entire place smells like piss, I pay $3500 for a 2 bedroom in the Mission and have to walk my dog passed HUMAN SHIT on the sidewalk, the cyclists in SF break the laws and then abuse drivers, the pedestrians stroll about like zombies in the middle of the street and the residents are… for want of a better description… butt fuck ugly.

I’ve lived in NYC, Paris, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Berlin, Milan, Miami and Tokyo… and I’ve never, as a woman, felt so in danger and so un-protected from the cops.

After 6 years here… I’m moving to LA. Can’t wait!

Every point made by Peter was simply SPOT ON, especially the one about the 49ers. Indeed, only in SF will one find such a large concentration of women who are both arrogant and grotesque. Besides having poor sense of fashion and style, they all seem to have extraordinarily pasty, glow-in-the-dark skin - no doubt due to the cold, gloomy weather causing them to cover up in black North Face jackets (by the way, The North Face is so ubiquitous in SF it’s nauseating).

Although many will defend themselves by saying they have brain power, this is just dubious. There’s a huge difference between being intelligent and being a pseudo-intellectual; and the sad reality is that people in SF (especially women), despite some of them working in tech„ have neither beauty nor brains. They’re just pretentious morons putting up a facade of intellectual superiority.

Seriously, SF is the probably the only place in the US that completely lacks attractive-looking women and at the same time manages to call itself a major city.

Also, Peter can hardly be called a misogynist as he’s not targeting women in general, just those in San Francisco; but we all know SF “women” aren’t REAL women.

Good thing you prefer to jerk off.

The SF community’s response to Peter’s critique just confirms that SF is a narcissistic city with an exaggerated sense of its scale and importance, and that its residents are completely intolerant of anyone who says anything bad about it. All San Franciscans ever talk about is how privileged they are to live in a place that they think has so much to offer. The reality is there’s nothing truly great about SF (or the Bay Area for that matter). The weather sucks, the food is bland, and the residents are annoying, deluded pussies whose idea of adventure is driving up to Berkeley for the weekend.
And when someone like Peter Shih exercises his First Amendment rights, the community gets offended and attempts to chase him out with pitchforks and torches - how incredibly childish! Any other city like NYC, LA, London, Chicago, Miami, etc. wouldn’t even bat an eyelash and would simply shrug it off. This provincial behavior is one of the reasons why SF will never be a real world-class city!

I don’t think before I type

I agree with some of it. The public transit definitely sucks. The reasons I didn’t like SF is I thought it was too small and not urban enough and most people aren’t what I’d call “city people” into culture, more into outdoors and stuff.. Definitely prefer somewhere like a NY or London. I mean it’s great if you are into mild weather and nature, but if those aren’t tops on your list and you like big bustling cities, there are better options. Toronto and Chicago are great options also.

Ha! We love our City, Peter. We don’t love arrogant pricks who have no investment in our community. San Francisco is not an ATM machine for you!

San Francisco sucks, deal with it

Outsource all of them!!!!

I came into this article unbiased and with an open mind, but Kevin Montgomery’s completely unprofessional tone came across as even more mindless than Peter’s original article. Rather than attempting to present arguments in defense of your position, you opted to launch personal attacks on Peter’s character and have accomplished nothing but making yourself look bad and reading this article of yours is a complete waste of time.

Peter certainly wasn’t eloquent about the way he presented his opinions, but at least he had something to say worth thinking about, don’t take it for indisputable truth though.

the founder of google used to get buttfucked by his wife I know because I’m from Palo Alto

If you don’t like it here, Get the F*** Out !

The Women (or lack thereof):

This is the primary reason I left San Francisco. As a heterosexual male, I recognized that the likelihood of finding a girlfriend here, especially as a relative newcomer, is abysmally low. Cafe’s, bars and restaurants are always packed with armies of guys and no women. Glace at the street outside - more guys (some staggering or laying on the street). You live like this for a few years and hope leaves you. It’s as if the city is silently trying to tell you “if you stay here, you will stay single and lonely for decades, and eventually you will just become one of those nonsense-spewing weirdo guys on the street and that will be your end.” Even if you are persistent, it’s very difficult to find a woman who does not have a boyfriend or isn’t a lesbian. This problem is likely in a feedback loop with homelessness. Guys can’t find a woman for decades, so they just give up on life and end up homeless, thereby scaring away the women even further. And the cycle of misery repeats.

The Homeless:

Contrary to popular belief (even among SF locals), San Francisco does not take care of its homeless people. In fact, in order to get any benefits from the local government, you must prove that you are not homeless. The best they can do is an EBT card, but that’s also semi-useless since they don’t have a stove. The shelter system is confusing and unreliable. A sane person could have trouble navigating it with all the tickets, appointments in various parts of the city and rules. I can totally see why many homeless don’t even bother with it. The trouble with many of these people is that even if they were provided shelter, they simply no longer have a mind capable of any kind of normal day-to-day functioning. Nonetheless, the city should build a massive warehouse-style shelter right in the middle of the city (perhaps in TL) with a capacity of 20,000, and make it a cool place for homeless people to hang out (lure them in with free booze, provide them with sex dolls or whatever they want). They will still have the opportunity to mingle with tourists, but they will be in a better mood and not out quite as much and the city will feel happier.

Haha. Peter is spot on! Anyone that gets their panties in a bunch is just as ignorant and delusional (just like poor ol’ ‘Becky’) and are a part of the blatant problems here and not a part of any solution. I read people negating Peter’s comments (not to mention the passive-aggressiveness of the author, which btw is completely characteristic of this town - that pompous, arrogant, self-entitled, jack-liberal attitude coated with a top layer of, ‘oh, pardon me’, ‘i’m sorry’ and other over-used and unnecessary fake mannerisms that run rampant) and want to bang my head against the wall. Im 3rd generation San Franciscan and you type of people have flooded this city with a ‘front to back’ pissy culture. You can have your f*cking city. Afterall, it is the center of your little bubble universe, yea?

Haha. Peter is spot on! Anyone that gets their panties in a bunch is just as ignorant and delusional (just like poor ol’ ‘Becky’) and are a part of the blatant problems here and not a part of any solution. I read people negating Peter’s comments (not to mention the passive-aggressiveness of the author, which btw is completely characteristic of this town - that pompous, arrogant, self-entitled, jack-liberal attitude coated with a top layer of, ‘oh, pardon me’, ‘i’m sorry’ and other over-used and unnecessary fake mannerisms that run rampant) and want to bang my head against the wall. Im 3rd generation San Franciscan and you type of people have flooded this city with a ‘front to back’ pissy culture. You can have your f*cking city. Afterall, it is the center of your little bubble universe, yea?

San Francisco does smell like a toilet and MUMI does suck. I think most people who disagree with him are in total denial. Everyone who lives in San Francisco think this is how live is, urine smelling streets and lousy public transportation.

Simple solution…get the fuck out. Problem solved aaaand rents will go down.

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Too bad he’s completely right on all accounts, especially the part about the 49ers.

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I lived in New York for six months and, like Peter, hated it. Ya know what i did? I went back home to San Francisco. I’ve been happy ever since. Only a New Yorker can snivel like Peter, so i suggest he hop on a plane, and go back to his own city.

Peter (can I call you Dick?) might as well just go back to New York, because he just painted a target on his own back. We take our city pride VERY seriously. Homelessness is everywhere, and be grateful you don’t find yourself mentally ill, or unable to even put a roof over your head. You don’t like our women? Fine, try our men, then. As for the 2am bars closing, you’re not going to the right clubs. Ya know why? You can’t make the right friends, because NO ONE LIKES YOU! Seriously, dude. Just. Go. Home.

San Francisco sucks big time. It is the most over rated city I have ever been in and I cannot wait to get out. Full of nasty, aggressive, obnoxious, people who are rude and oblivious to anything, but their I pads and notebooks. Drug addicts pervade every section of the city shooting up out in the open and under the eye of the useless police many of whom are shorter than I was in the 8th grade. The wages suck and these so called business owners are a bunch of greedy flakes who want you to work for nothing. Try asking someone for directions: they are either stoned or they have earphones plugged into their ears 24 hours a day. Dogs, dogs everywhere, in the streets shitting all over the place and it does not get cleaned up until you step in it and bring it home. San Francisco gives dogs to everyone including the homeless who cannot even take care of themselves. The people here are self-righteous, know – it – all’s. Yuppies and more Yuppies along with druggies is the scene here along with gangs everywhere. Drug pushers are right out in the open plying their trade and no one stops them. This is a left wing utopia whose population thinks that Hillary Clinton and Obama are the best thing since battery operated sex toys. San Francisco is tolerant of everything except intolerance. Everyone is carrying their take out coffee cups as if it is a sign of being cool. I will bet most of them do not even like coffee so much. Oh, scores of people carrying knives strapped to their belts like cowboys from the old west who all had 45’s. San Francisco SUCKS along with their weather and over rated, over priced restaurants.

Suck a dick. Dumbshits.

I hear a bunch of nerds talking.  Peter is pretty accurate on his points. I don’t find anything really offensive.

Let’s face it, we’re just so proud, we get into denial.

San Francisco IS A HUGE MESS, whats worse, the radicals that made it into such a mess blame everyone but themselves. Light-Socialism not working out? Capitalism’s fault. Terrible zoning and building restrictions? Big developer’s fault. Bad public transportation? Gas guzzling elitists fault. As long as SF keeps digging itself deeper into a hole, it wont get better, time to start climbing out, but to the people running the city, climbing is the problem. 

San Francisco is the bleached asshole of America. It’s like the entire city lives in an episode of the twilight zone. Everything about your city is a joke. The rest of the nation makes fun of you pathetic leftists every day. It’s a magnet for every freak in the country. Actually makes me want to puke whenever I hear SanFrancisco. One day hope to watch your city fall into the ocean where it belongs. Trannys, fags, socialists, child rapists, illegal aliens, communists, bi’s and all the other freaks that live there…..please go away forever. 

oh boo hoo, exploitative suburban boy can’t face the reality of what his way of life destroys we common people and destroys heterogenous city life.  GO FUCK YOURSELF Peter ShihLEAVE SAN FRAN, ONE LESS FASCIST TO DEAL WITH WITH OUT YOU CUNT.