New Central Cafe Evicted Following Role in Woody Allen's "Blue Jasmine"

New Central Cafe, the Mexican restaurant at the corner of 14th and South Van Ness forever immortalized as the exterior of Ginger's apartment in Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine, has already been booted out by the Sheriff's Department and their landlord.  The notice, dated June 19th, is admittedly a touch old (I don't make it to that part of the neighborhood that often and it's not like I ever ate there or whatever) and doesn't offer up any details for the reasoning, but we can only imagine some savvy owner is looking to cash in on this:

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Well, that place lasted all of five minutes. Seems like it was just yesterday that Los Rosales closed up.

The only reason to visit that block (for food) is Walzwerk.

I’m really liking the gentrification in this neighborhood

I live nearby and walk by often, and I only just noticed the eviction notice today. I don’t think it’s been up since June 19! I noticed it being boarded up a few times, but didn’t know if it was temporary.

Anyway, that building is in terrible condition, so I hope the landlord can use whatever extra rent money he’s trying to make at renovations.

i cant believe this place shut down! i just watched themovie it was in yesterday…arrrgh….