Pablo Sandoval's Sports Car Gets Benched on Valencia

Signaling Valencia Street has become our generation's Sunset Boulevard, an Uptown Almanac reader sent us pics of Pablo Sandoval broken down outside of Limon, forced to open up the hood of his ridiculous sports car like a pathetic commoner and beg the nearest Hummer Jeep driver to give his battery a jump.

Really, All we need is for Randi Zuckerberg to snort some black tar heroin and violently overdose in her brother's arms outside of Elbo Room and the transformation will be complete.


[Thanks Jeff!]

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I don’t get it… a rich guy can’t eat on Valencia with the rest of us?

It’s a freakin’ Chrysler with a raft of garish “upgrades” which probably cost more than the car.

And a Jeep.

That doesn’t make it ridiculous?

It is a sedan, not a sports car.
Valencia street this generations sunset strip? Not even close.

You caught me: I don’t know shit about cars.

A decade ago this would have been happening on Union St.

Who gives a red rat’s ass?

Why can’t a guy who plays for SF eat in the city he plays for? Pretty stupid article. Grow up.

Pablo. Play first,eat later.

The Jeep is Pablo’s too. FWIW.