New Neighborhood Grocer Will Be Just Like Bi-Rite, Only, Like, Convenient and Stuff

Taking this whole “slow food” thing a bit too literally, the folks behind Local Mission Market are half a year past their originally-planned opening date—and their forthcoming 22nd and Harrison market is still enshrouded in plywood.  But they're nevertheless working hard on opening, and knowing better than to let a fresh plate of foodie buzz go cold, they laid out exactly how the future of Mission District markets will look to the critical eye of The Weekly:

How will the store be laid out?

It's going to be a full-service grocery store. There will be a produce section, a butcher, a fishmonger, and cheesemonger, all from the same sources we use at Local Mission Eatery and Local's Corner. A bulk section, wine and beer (if we get the permits), candies, brittles, dried fruits and local nuts. Everything you would expect to find at a European grocery store, we'll have here. Tomato sauce, apple sauce, ketchup, mustard, pasta, crackers, breads — all house-made from scratch, just like we do at the restaurants.

What is going to differentiate you from the other stores and markets around town?

From the initial concept, it was clear that we needed to make this convenient. Bi-Rite is one of the great grocers in the country, but it's hard to shop at Bi-Rite. We're not going to have more parking, so how can we make it easier to buy the food that we want to get to people? We are going to have an online web store that will make it easier for people to buy what they need. It will reflect what is in stock, and we'll have a pickup area to make it more convenient.

Oh man, just the other day I was in Bi-Rite dropping a small fortune on clementines and I was all, “Damn, this would be so much easier if I could order these with my phone in Dolores Park and pick 'em up at will call so I could ensure they don't sell out before I walk half a block.”  Great minds!

[SF Weekly | Photo by Nat]

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The old lumber yard next door would be a great place for new housing.

is that a joke?

Yup, more of that soulless eyesore architecture. Pathetic.

God, I know. And they displaced all that locally sourced free range graffiti!

Okay, that picture is way, way better than the Google Street View garbage I’m using. Updating the post w. it. Thanks!

Wow. Things change fast in San Francisco.

Finally, a market off of 24th that serves locally raised, organic, low carbon, cruelty free products (with corresponding price point). Eye roll.

So it’s Rainbow with meat and a 200% markup?

Rainbow with meat would be awesome. Expensive, but awesome.

Yay, more bike parking. That’s what he meant about more parking, right?

Also, BRITTLES. Brittles.

semi on topic, they say a new grocery is going to open at 18th and Mission. The old .99 and up. what a concept , 99 cents and up. Its taken time, but you see movement in that place.

“Everything you would expect to find at a European grocery store, we’ll have here.”

I guess this reflects the neighborhood’s needs?

Seriously, I am so excited for this. This part of the mission has been lacking this. Mission community market is great but only available on Thursdays. Im sick of buying last minute produce at our local corner store and having it be half rotten when i cut it open.


I’m confused – 22nd and Harrison is NOT convenient for buying groceries if you live near Bi-Rite (unless you own a car); what the fuck are you talking about?