Today in District 5 News: Does London Breed Know Where D5 Is?

Debatable! Uptown Almanac's office at 19th & Valencia have been receiving mailers from District 5 candidate London Breed every single day for the last two weeks. Listen, we care about the kids of D5 as much as any other District 9 resident, but the quantity and frequency of these mailings is a litte excessive.

Some possible explanations:

  • London Breed doesn't know where District 5 is.
  • London Breed has lots of excess campaign funds with which to spread her message about the entire city.
  • Some intern is about to get suuuper fired for improper mail merging.

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Just looked at district 5’s parameters:

“Inner Sunset, Haight Ashbury, Lower Haight, Fillmore, Western Addition, Parnassus Heights, North Panhandle, Anza Vista, Lower Pacific Heights, Japantown, part of Hayes Valley, part of Ashbury Heights, and part of UCSF Parnassus Heights”- Wiki

The mailer’s photo makes me think a few things:

1) Is London Breed unaware of the demographics of her district?* Showing that she cares about kids whom are of an ethnicity that is a very small percentage of her district is bewildering…unless she actually cares about the kids and not the votes.

2) Maybe she knows her district better than I first thought. She knows that this particular ethnicity of children are perceived as being problematic in this district and because she makes the difference, her constituents will feel better, safer, more secure, less fear?

3) Are people done with being politically correct? She could have thrown in a few more variants in the photo, Photoshop would be sufficient.

4) Am I the only one that thinks like this?

5) Am I politically correct?

You thought it too.

*(I referenced the Dec 2006 SF HRC Demographics report) Only 10k of approx 75k are African American.

It could also be at the Ella Hill Hutch Community Center on McAllister. I ride past on my bike almost every day.

Any politician who EVER utters the phrase “for the children” should be drug to the street and beaten bloody.

I’m pretty sure I know one of those girls. London Breed needs to come and help keep that girl out of the counseling office because she’s off the hook!

The London Breed. I used to jam with those guys… we did a show with the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Ian borrowed my guitar strap and never gave it back. Bastard.

She is promoting her campaign by sending flyers to your office. Mystery solved.

whomever they are buying their data from should be forced to give a refund. Seriously.

It is photoshopped…

10 posts in and nobody has mentioned the awesome Giants logo nail polish? For shame.