The Armory Club, a New Bar From, Opens Friday

They open for real next Tuesday, but you can catch a sneak peak this Friday for $15.

Here's how they're describing the new bar:

The Armory Club is a social escape from the normalcy of everyday life. A chic and edgy barroom invites you to wind down at the amber lit bar or melt into a vintage sofa for a long night of revelry and excess! Our talented bartenders offer a creative, handcrafted cocktail menu alongside award-winning local beers and an exciting wine list. Ultimately, The Armory Club is your San Francisco destination for all the best a bar should offer: thoughtful drinks, attentive service and comfortable design with the right amount of kink to make a night of it!

And what they have to say about the drinks:

Weekly cocktail menus marry small batch spirits with handcrafted ingredients to produce delicious and thoughtful drinks for your enjoyment.  House-made bitters, fresh squeezed juices, natural sweeteners, clear ice and a general abhorrence of prefab mixers are standards we apply to every drink.  Our beer menu combines small batch, local brews with imported selections that are well-loved examples of their specific styles.  Wine is not to be forgotten with a smart selection that leans towards crisp whites, softer reds and a bevy of bubbles.

Sounds fancy! (And what a departure from the old Ace Cafe…)

Comments (6)

I was hoping for something a little more sleazy, too bad.

God this looks boring.

Who knew it would be possible to go to a bar with grosser couched than uptown?

When I walked by and saw the “K” featured on the signage on the side of the building, I knew it wasn’t supposed to be another bar in the Mission, but a destination - a Disneyland for dudes hoping to meet porn performers. Oh well, there are plenty of other places to get a drink.

Fuck this place.

Fuck They treat their employees like shit and I’m not going to their boring-ass bar, either.