Immaculate Rockabilly Dude: Cat Consultant

The fine-looking badass pictured above is Daniel Quagliozzi, founder of the Mission's hottest cat behavior start-up Go, Cat, Go!:

Are you experiencing a cat crisis? Is your resident feline making you frantic? Solving your crisis is my mission. I can restore peace of mind to your home and help you rebuild your friendship with your feline friends. When your kitty is thinking outside the box, it’s time to call Go, Cat, Go!

Cats have a language all their own and it takes a patient and compassionate approach to unravel the message. I’ll help you see the world through your cat’s eyes, giving you the insight needed to decipher the message.

That's right, when your cat flips its shit and starts acting like a 2-year-old child, Daniel will come on in, set your cat's mind right, and give it a spider web tattoo when he's all done.  And with a 10-year track record at the SF SPCA, you can be sure he know's what he's doing.

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Uh…..errrrrr……..hmmmm. Wow.

I can’
t stop thinking about all the pussy this guy must get…..

what a bunch of bullshit

i can’t believe my town lacks a cat behavior specialist