Now the Mission is Home to a Cat Hotel

SFist alerts us to the opening of a new cat hotel at 18th and Treat, Mission: Cats.  From their about page:

Mission: Cats offers a cat-only experience that ensures you come home to a happy, healthy kitty. With a powerful HEPA air filtration system clean air moves through our over 1200 sf space. Kitties are given purified water and kept well supplied with their favorite toys and treats. We never charge extra for playtime and cuddles. We house a small number of cats, enabling us to give each cat the attention and admiration it deserves. Our staff is certified in Pet First Aid and CPR through the American Red Cross. We are insured by Kennel Pro. We have a security cameras (and even better, kitty cams!), as well as a sprinkler system. We are located two blocks from the 24 hour San Francisco Veterinary Specialists.

This is truly magical. Air filtration, purified water, a security system, and free cuddles? For the bargain price of 25 bucks a night, these cats are living a better life than I do. Hell, they probably don't even have fleas.

Comments (3)

Man, I wish I could sign myself up for such perks for just $25 per night.

CPR? Note to self: do not attempt mouth-to-mouth on any animal that has fangs.

We do flea checks….do you need one? ;)