"Working-Class Mission Bar El Mexicano Getting Set to Gentrify"

At least, that's the headline from Grub Street, which goes on to report that the bar's (at 3088 24th Street, between Lucky and Treat) liquor license changed hands today and “will likely close for a hipster makeover in the coming months.”

[Grub Street]

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Anyone know what’s going on with that Parrot store on 24th between Shotwell and Van Ness with the yellow awning? They took all the birds out last week, and this week all the windows have been taped up with cardboard/paper.

Many Latino owned businesses and properties in the neighborhood are going to be sold for nice profits if the current trend continues.

Three edgy naming concepts for the new concept – they just sprang into my head unannounced. Even my dentifrice didn’t see these coming:

CORONA – its a beer garden.
MEXICANO – an ironic reference to the short lived and largely dull period during which the Irish-descended didn’t dominate the Mission.
BALD GRINGO – Assuming the upcoming merger of Wise Sons & Dear Mom doesn’t get their 1st with “GAY DADS” but they told me that’s already taken for the new place next to LIME (which is about to be renamed “MOM’S”, across the street from “STROLLER RINK.” their new $60/hour stroller/skating emporium planned for the former car encroachment area once referred to as Market Street at Castro.


damn. this is the only bar in san francisco i’ve ever been afraid to walk into, and it’s only a block away from my place. i was hoping to work up the courage to go there one day. looks like that day needs to be soon