Gentrification Watch: Carlos Club to become 'coffee shop'

It appears that Carlos Club, the predominately latino bar outside the 24th St Bart station that was known for its 'bar maids' (tequila-pushing under-paid female employees,) is being turned into a 'coffee shop'. You might remember this establishment from its six month ABC investigation that ultimately lead to it's closure in July. The investigation uncovered “unsavory [labor] practices” that preyed on both its patrons and the unfortunate women who were employed there.

Hopefully we'll see them retain the original business model so the laptop crowd can enjoy 'barista girls' hustling them to purchase another round of espresso shots in exchange for their continued company and WiFi access. 

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They’re going to name it Gringolandia

Two/Three Questions

A. What will happen to the booze license? A hard liquor license in the Mission has to be worth more than the Holy Grail, so who bought it and where’d it get transferred to?

B. What will my former neighbor do now during the hours of 6PM - 2AM? Will his ladyfriend be shouting the name of a different bar into the phone in the early morning hours? If so what bar?

C. A coffee shop - God-Dog! Another one? Will it be more like Summit or the Pine wood place down the block? Will it find patrons? Will the supply of weekday laptop users in need of $5.00 coffee hold out - and if so how long?