New Chocolate Factory Not Associated With R. Kelly Months Away

I like chocolate, but I'm not sure about the name. Dandelion? Have you ever ate dandelions? They're gross and sour and foul and turn your tongue yellow. I was an idiot as a child.

Anyway, here's a mockup of what the inside of the chocolate/cafe is supposed to look like, opening in a “few months” on Valencia and 18th:

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I know you have the diet and propensities of a college aged hipster doofus, but dandelion salads are a quite popular food item.

If wonder what they mean by “factory.” Will this place be mass-producing chocolates? Seems unlikely given the rent around here.

Also, aren’t the terms “factory” and “small-batch” mutally exlusive?

Dandelions I probably wouldn’t eat. Now, chocolate dandelions….oh hells yeah!

Dandelion greens in salad are yummy, as is dandelion wine. And dandelion + burdock.

All this really needs is a few boar heads on the wall and it will fit right in.