Have Thoughts on the Redesign of Bartlett Street?

As mentioned before, the folks over at the Mssion Community Market and Rebar are looking to convert Bartlett from 22nd to 23rd into a nice new outdoor plaza fit for events, chilling, and buying fresh produce.  And should you have any interest in sharing your thoughts on what changes should come to the block, swing by CCSF Mission Campus Wednesday night.

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I am excited about this new project.

My big CONCERN is that I live in casa de la raza and the bedroom window is looking onto bartlett street.
The street can be very loud from people shouting and music and things.
If bartlett is going to become a park, I would like to know that someone has authority to keep things not so loud so I and my little son can sleep.
Police say that they cant patrol parks and park department people say they cant tell people what to do, so I am scared that there will be people under I and my neighbors windows shouting or playing music when it is late (expecially after all the bars are closed and it is late and people are drunk and loud.) and no one will be able to strop them and that will make it very hard for us to sleep. I cannot afford to move to another place.

Every day there are people selling drugs to on Bartlett, (it is marijuana which is not so bad) and I hope to that there will be someone taking care of the park so bad drug dealers don’t also come and sell other wrose drugs there.

I like this idea of this green space, I am just asking that hopefully there will be a decision or something to make sure the park does not get loud all the time with music or drunk people and that we be sure there be resources to keep the park safe and clean for families and children and so we who live on the street can have quiet at night.