Go to Mission Community (Farmers') Market Tonight and Help Fund Their Vision for a Community Market Plaza

If you're interested in whimsical things like fresh produce and roasted almonds and public plazas (and you should be), then tonight's reopening of the Mission Community Market [MCM] is for you:

The Mission Community Market is excited to announce its Opening Day 2012 [tonight at 4pm!], at Bartlett and 22nd Streets in the Mission District. We are pleased to announce new vendors like 4505 Meats and Little City Gardens, and new public art in the Mercado Plaza. The Mercado Plaza is a partnership between MCM, Rebar, Carecen and Poder to create a plaza and public space in the heart of the Mission.

That's right, MCM, along with Rebar (the group who kicked off the whole parklet craze with Parking Day back in 2005), has put forth a proposal to permanently morph Bartlett between 21st and 22nd into a giant outdoor public plaza covered in art and plant-coated walls, and designed to support “street food, markets and urban agriculture.”  And should it come to pass, it'll be the neighborhood's first central gathering place that's not Dolores Park or Zeitgeist.

So go out tonight, buy some apples n' stuff and help make it all happen.

[Photo by Jason Tester]

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If it’s anything like the freaky acid trip that is that mockup count me out.

If it’s anything like the freaky acid trip that is that mockup count us in….

I got a free laptop bag there woohoo now I just need a laptop…

I went tonight to pick up my (amazing) CSA from Little City Gardens and it was pretty awesome-seeming. I couldn’t linger, but everyone was braving the gusts and interacting and doing their community market thing. Also, hula hooping!

I’ll have more time next week I hope. It was JUST like in the freaky acid trip picture, especially the ostriches!