Is Sirron Norris Not an Artist?

A bunch of Sirron Norris' murals around 20th and Bryant were destroyed over the weekend, with one shitty tag claiming his work “is not art.”

Mission Local emailed Norris about it and got this back:

At this point, I don’t much care — nothing is safe anymore. It doesn’t matter if you write graffiti or paint a youth-based or community-based mural — it’s all up for grabs in this very disrespectful world we now live in. These kids, just like the Internet, have these anonymous passive-aggressive ways of being cruel and it sucks. But I accept it, and as an adult of 39 years, I can’t go around battling little kids.”

Yup. It has most certainly been a bad year for Mission murals.

[Pic by Sirron Norris]

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*slow clap to one man standing ovation*

in regards to his response of course

Dear Jordan the tagger…. U suck.

You sure the tagger isn’t writing that about his own stuff?

Thoughtful of the tagger to let us all know that his own scrawl isn’t art. Just in case anyone was under any misapprehension that it might be.

This is so frustrating. Great street art like Sirron Norris’ is one of the things that gives San Francisco its unique flavor. Can we just lock teenagers in a soundproof box and let them out when they’re 23? Ugh.

That stretch of murals is/was pretty creepy/cute, especially the “I eat children” piece. That tagging is retarded as fuck though, and some low level douche taking advantage of one of the more desolate areas of the Mission (late night at least).

There’s more going on here. Deli-Up, where this mural is located, seems to have shut down. Anyone know why, incidentally?

As such, this was in more of an abandoned state and it wasn’t set upon by the douchetaggers until just recently.

I hate this guys art so much that I won’t eat at jays

Hey Sirron, do you remember what happened at new door ventures? I’m sure all your shit-talking, uninformed, hipster whiteboy fans would love to know how you treat the youth of San Francisco

Maybe he get tagged up cuz he a punk and punks get no luv.  Plenty of bad murals that are left alone cuz the artist leaves others alone. Sirron is a fake a $$, just like his name and art