Schmendricks Brooklyn Bagels is Launching with a Party

I know this is an unappetizing photo of appetizing bagels, but you should pay attention anyway.  Why?  Because San Francisco's bagel scene has historically sucked shit, but then Schmendricks Brooklyn Bagels came along and changed the fucking game (I'm cussing because I'm excited).  Finally, a puffy bagel that tastes like a proper meal, rather than some circular afterthought.  Perhaps more importantly, a bagel that makes me want to eat bagels again.

Enough gushing.

After a few months of weekend pop-ups and a casual delivery service, the Schmendricks folks are stepping up their blooming bagel empire (we can only hope this means daily sales in various neighborhood cafes in the near future).  In doing so, they're kicking it off with a launch party at Four Barrel on May 10th:

Sure, 20 bucks might be a tad steep, but you get one free adult beverage.  And bagels.  So many bagels.

So if launch parties and bagels and adult beverages are you kinda thing, head over to their Eventbrite and plop down your credit card. 

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The last thing I want with a bagel is an adult beverage. And now that I think about it, the last thing I want with an adult beverage is a bagel.

I will avoid the launch “party”, and perhaps get a bagel later, I’ll try one.

Is that metal device in the background some type of weapon for defeating bagel thieves?

thank you for removing it. sorry, that guy’s an asshole.

wow, 20 bucks for a “Launch party” Man, talk about including the community that you wish to be a part of.. 20 bucks is beyond even reasonable. I really hope this is some sorta of joke. But if not, then these folks must be high. Spending 3-4$ for a bagel is one thing, but wanting people to come to your launch party( and hoping that the internet lights up with free publicity) and then trying to charge them 20 bucks is pretty gross. How about have a great FREE luanch party like 95% of other bussinesses, run a good bussiness,lower ur prices and the rest will take care of itself. cheers.. BTW, after all this bagel hype, i have found really amazing bagels on Divis for 50 cents. cheers

$3 or $4 for a bagel? What kind of toppings do you get for that? That’s not bad for a good bagel with a hunk of nice lox.

Wait “Bagel Scene” - I never knew there was one, now I feel so uncool.

If these can top Ess A Bagel on first ave in NYC I will pay $20.

Even as someone who lived in NYC for a long time, I gotta admit that Montreal wins when it comes to begals.from Wikipedia: The Montreal bagel is a distinctive variety of hand-made and wood-fired baked bagel. In contrast to the New York-style bagel, the Montreal bagel is smaller, sweeter and denser, with a larger hole, and is always baked in a wood-fired oven. It contains malt, egg, and no salt and is boiled in honey-sweetened water before being baked in a wood-fired oven, whose irregular flames give it a dappled light-and-dark surface color. Now that I’m in Texas, I’m facing an absolute dearth of good bread products, be it begals, pizza crust, a baguette anything! Its all terrible. This post may just inspire me to make them myself.