Schmendricks "Brooklyn-Style Bagels" Debuts Tomorrow at Fayes!

There's a real lack of acceptable bagels in this town.  Wise Sons was a step in the right direction, but their bagels are only sold on Saturdays.  Luckily, now there's Schmendricks, who'll be having their bagels sold out of local cafes (beginning with Fayes on 18th) STARTING TOMORROW:

So, how about we finally let you taste some bagels? This Sunday (February 26, 2012), we'll be selling some Schmendricks outside of Fayes Video & Espresso Bar on 18th Street in the Mission. We're viewing this as a sort of baby step in the direction of our official launch, but we hope a few of you will be able to come out and join us. A fresh bagel with a schmear and a cup of Faye's coffee should be a pretty good way to start your Sunday.

There's a really long SF Weekly article if you want to know more about their roots.  Or, you could just show up tomorrow morning and START STUFFING YOUR FACE.

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I stopped by at 10am, and sadly they did not yet have the bagels. If you’re heading there just for that, you might want to call ahead first.

Ok, so we just got home from our early morning bagel hunt. We got to Faye’s around 830, figuring that Faye’s opens at 8. Boy were we wrong, So we waited, and waited,and waited, went to the civic center farmer’s market,got 4B coffee, came back and waited some more.(at least 7 other’s stopped by for said bagel’s) Around 1045 We became their “first” customer. 1 Bagel limit, 4 bucks for 1 bagel and very lil shmear. That being said,we have to thank you for the tip. It truly was the best bagel I’ve ever had in the city. But at 3 bucks a pop,a lil out of our everyday budget. But if your one of the many with that kinda money to spend, it really is a special treat. Im pretty sure they were sold out in less then hour tho. Cheers

Yo bloggerface - Get your shit straight. Why do I need to point out that 380 wordz does not equate to a really long article? I know that your ritalin addled cortex is stuck on “tl; dr” but I was seriously disappointed not to dig into an epic tome about some fucking bagels. Proofread yourself before you wreck yourself.