Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen is Open RIGHT NOW

Paul is on the scene and reports “they're everything you've ever wanted and more.”

And here's a look at their menu:

Matzo brei! Babka! Challah French Toast! Let's go get fat!

[First pic by Beer and Nosh]

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SO going there soon. this looks amazing.

It would perhaps help if this post included the ADDRESS.

Way to shill.


Shilling implies I have a connection to those who operate the business, which I do not. But I did go to a Jewish college and spent plenty of time fattening up in various Brookline delis, so my excitement about this place is pretty much unchecked.

They ran out of Potato salad this afternoon, so I had to have cole slaw. (They didn’t try and upsell me to fries, maybe they were all out of potatoes period?

$12.50 for a pastrami on rye!

wow…$13 for what is historically European poverty food

Corned Beef and Pastrami are “poverty food”? Not so much.

actually yes…corned beef aka ‘salt cured beef’ gained popularity in Europe during the industrial age as civilian, naval, and slave-trade rations because it didn’t rot.

as for pastrami: ‘Among Jewish Romanians, goose breasts were commonly made into pastrami because they were inexpensive. Beef navels were cheaper than goose meat in America, so the Romanian Jews in America adapted their recipe and began to make the cheaper beef pastrami.’

HA! Take that, Herr Doktor! Or, should I say, ‘Dork-tor’?

Not so much.

Way, way, way overpriced! I bet all the transplant Google and FB kooks will pay for this shit though.

Then again, Katz’s in NYC charges $16 for a pastrami on rye. Maybe if they film a crappy romcom inside Wise Sons, they can jack theirs up to $20!

Similarly, Langer’s in LA charges like $17 for a pastrami sandwich.

Does that dude have dreads? If so, I’m not going there.

Bagel’s only on Saturday’s? Hmmmm, That 20$ table setting in the picture shoulda cost around 10 bucks. But hey, it’s the marinission these days and most from the marina can pay that extra dough. Fuck em.

I refuse to pay less than $18 for a sandwich.


Yeah, less. It’s a joke. Not really funny, but a joke nonetheless.

Didn’t you know KevMo can pick and chose which spots are the yuppie marina types ruining his mission.

After three years of living here he knows the ins and outs of all it means to be a local.

He might not have a connection, but he has no problem getting the perks of giving them virtual HJ. Here is their menu.

Ok Herr and Eric defend your internet bromance.

Not that I have to defend myself to anons, but I posted their menu because it wasn’t publicly available on their website and the menu alone tells a pretty interesting story.

Also, I’ve lived here for four and a half years.


I really like Jewish deli food.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case.

Someone had to go there. Godwin’s Law invoked, thread over.

Still holding out for the Mission to get an “Anne’s Franks” wiener stand.

I thought the joke was that Jews were cheap.

How about Whitney Houston jokes?

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