Sensitive Tacolicious Employees Do Not Wish to be Mocked As They Perform Manual Labor

PG&E is awful—just awful.  And in all their awful awfulness, they cut off power to the Tim “Let Time Smoke” Lincecum-endorsed Valencia Street taco purveyor Tacolicious, forcing the business to close down operations for the day.  And to make the situation worse, the business is now forcing their staff of servers and bartenders to perform “manual labor,” which, like, you know, is totally beneath them.  So please don't tap the glass and frighten their fragile sensibilities.

[Photo by Mission Local, via SFist]

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why are you so interested in degrading this restaurant? i mean you lied about their prices. you were rude to their manager when he was obviously gracious to you. did you have a girl (boy?) that works there dump you or something? it seems so strange at this point. they’re obviously a success. they’re always nice. is it the name? you should explain as you’re starting to seem a little pathetic.

I overheard some marina type douches calling it t-lish the other day.

First, if KevMo does not back the business Eric is not going to back the business. Go to Eric’s flicker and you will see he is the chief of the butthurt squad.

KevMo has been here for four years now. So he is an expert on who is gentrifying the Mission, and who is not. Since getting here he has become soooo into fixies, PBR, Bender’s, and anything hipsters liked ten years before he moved here.

He does not realize he moved here after “the Mission changed,” and does the obvious mission shit like he invented it. Have you ever seen this guy he looks like a frat boy on hipster holiday.

He will back jewish deli’s because they are legit. “Hella legit”

Yes, he even says hella.

You wanna just fuck and get over it already?