There's a New Parklet for All Your Pizza-Eating, Music-Listening, Bum-Gawking Pleasure

It's hard to tell exactly how the refreshed Cafe Rev/Escape From NY Pizza parklet on 22nd will turn out, but it looks like they're swapping out the wood paneling for metal, putting lots of bar-style seating facing the road, giving us less bike racks, and potting various plant life at the ends for the resident crazypeople to use as a litter box.

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This is good to hear, the old parklet was missing over the weekend and I worried it that spot would be parklet-less forever.

Dude, Rev man…smoke me out dude?

what’s the point of bar seating if you can’t take your drinks out there?

Eating crazy amounts of pizza?

The old parklet had a few bar-level stands that I always used as a standing table while I fed myself grease at 1am. It was quite nice.

I agree, The parklet in front of Mojo”s is allowed to have beer on it,why not the other’s? And really, who is going to enforce the no drinking ban? I see people brown bagging at almost all the parklet’s in the city already…

I’m glad to see it back. This time, guys, take care of plants please.