BREAKING: Pop's Now Has Air Hockey!


Pop's apparently did a whole mess of remodeling today.  Not only do they have a GODDAMN AIR HOCKEY TABLE, but also a new 'signature, exclusive VIP lounge':

And it's dollar night $2 tall can night? Fuckkkk, see you there.

Update: We scoped out the scene last night and there's a few other noteworthy changes.  Like dollar beer night is now on Tuesday and Wednesday.  And, according to bar manager Tuffy, they're taking Tecate off tap and back into cans.

Zach also noted the atmosphere/clientele of the place was noticeably different than it was a few weeks ago.  A fluke, perhaps, but we'll let you draw your own conclusions about that.

Comments (7)

Ohhhhhh shit. Fuck all that ping-pong bull. THIS is a sport that I can get behind.

North American style air hockey.

I can’t think of a comment to make about either of the pictures without being mean.

hipsters doing what they do best - looking surly and vaguely drunk.

whatever, the boy up top can sit on my lap whenever he wants.

Why does everybody have to be so damn cute?

yup. That’s how a vip lounge works. Dude on one side - gril on the other. Then the bar sells you an entire bottle of kettle one you barely finish and aren’t allowed to leave with. Disillusioned then vodka. It helps fix things. This nice young group is just holding off.