SantaCon Turns Hella Gross

I'm a huge proponent of getting drunk, naked, and doing things you'll most certainly regret, but the turn SantaCon is taking for 2011 is fucking frightening:

On December 10th, during Santacon San Francisco, we're all going to establish a WORLD RECORD for the LARGEST GATHERING OF NAKED SANTAS!

Yes, you heard that right, Naked Santas!

San Francisco has a long tradition of people being naked in public. Heck, it's almost required when we have a large group of people get together in our fair city…

So, since Santacon will again be a HUGE gathering of Santas and San Francisco damn well better be the BEST at EVERYTHING, then let's do this!

If you desire to see a bunch of floppy Santa sack on a cold Saturday morning, you know what to do.

Comments (3)

San Francisco most certainly does not have “a long tradition of people being naked in public.”

All the sudden I’m a little bit happier I opted for the Reno Santacon this year.