Forthcoming Valencia Street Tacolicious Location Unveils Coming Soon Signage

Marina-based taco and tequila purveyor Tacolicious is going to great lengths to shed their freighting Chustnut Street image for their foray into the Mission, going so far as to employ the Mission's artistic weapon of choice to paint their new signage. And, as Eater reports, we have a lot more than shots of nondescript tequila and hard-shell tacos to look forward too:

The outdoor seating section will be sheltered by a retractable roof, there will be a designated phone area made out of 1950s and 1970s phone booths and—something new in these parts—tequila on tap.

While all that may sound needless and gimmicky, I'm all sorts of pumped that bars are recognizing the growing need for a quite place to yell at Siri.

Opening this November!

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Tacolicious number one has Paul Madonna art as well, so that Mission weapon of choice was used for the Marina too.

hard shell tacos? at tacolicious? hey “journalist” have you ever eaten at tacolicious? read their menu? talked to anyone involved in the project? doesn’t seem so. seems more like you’re another snot nosed 20-something transplant that has and will never do much more than write snarky blog posts about people who actually contribute to this fine city.

get a life. do some real research. grow up.