Yardsale for the iPhone Means You Can Now Score Rad Shit While Taking Your Morning Poo

We typically don't discuss iPhone apps here at Uptown Almanac, but the above flyer that was found in our physical, soon-to-be-extinct front porch mailbox is alone worth a post.  I mean, anything that promises to hook you up with framed posters of histrionic racists and jet packs is worth a look, right?

Basically, Yardsale breaks out the utility of the Craigslist for sale and free sections, gets rid of all the listings for mail order Russian brides and stolen bike parks, and turns it into something you can actually browse while Farolito is running through you like a headless chicken.

Sadly, there were no jet packs for sale, but, among other things, there was a vintage Gameboy, a free “mint condition copy of Disapproving Rabbits,” bike parts, a free bike pump, an inflatable monkey, and, in true Craigslist fashion, a man willing to dance The Macarana in ladies underwear for a a hundred bucks.  Plus there was a whole bunch of shit that I never knew I needed:

While my offer for the meowing camera has neither been accepted or rejected, just last week I scored myself a free tripod from some dude in Bernal, so everything works as advertised.  But be warned: Yardsale is definitely in its infancy.  As of right now, there's no search feature or listings for escort services, which may-or-may-not be a deal breaker for you.  However, Ryan, who was kind enough to reply to my email, says he's working on the former, but probably not the latter.

Anyway, the flyer encourages you to get the app over at their website, but it appears it's already up for grabs in the App Store.

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Yay!! People with smart phones selling shit to other people with smart phones! wheee!!!