Only in San Francisco Does Your Drug Dealer Have a Daily Deals iPhone App

There I was taking a Sunday stroll to my dealer's house when I had the bright idea to peruse the App Store for an app that would save myself 79 cents on a dime bag.  Turns out my impulse wasn't so absurd: Mission Street's Medithrive actually has an app for that.  Now I can load up my phone from Zeitgeist's patio and know that a joint costs $17 bucks and I can save 5% on today's hash purchases.

Perhaps more exciting than the existence of a Groupon-clone for weed is the promise of “mobile ordering” coming to their app.  Soon you'll be able to call TCB Courier, have them deliver a Rhea's sandwich and a 12-pack of whatever-the-fuck, all while you order pot on your mobile and “legally” download a bunch of 90's Kevin Smith movies.  This is the future, people.

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What the hell is up with those prices?! Has legalization actually made pot MORE expensive?

Your dealer doesn’t deliver?
(I only read the first sentence of this article)

I already order my weed online from Free delivery, cheaper than Medithrive.