Clarion Alley Taggers Respond

It's on now.

[Photos by Coast to Coast and Stray Snake]

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way to go PEZ.

Again: Taggers suck.

The way taggers write nothing but their names reminds me of the way Timmy on South Park is only capable of saying “TIMMAY.”

If you’re going to ruin other people’s stuff, try to have a shred of originality. It’s the least you could do.

Yo, I would have done it using shit-spray instead of paint.

if you want a sense of permanence to your art- PUT IT ON A DAMN CANVAS. isn’t part of what makes clarion alley great is that it’s fluid, it changes, it keeps the artists competitive and developmental. i can see beauty in many things, maybe give it a try and not be so uptight. to say some people can paint on whatever they want on walls and not others solely based on your opinions of the merit of the content is bullshit.

sure the taggers aren’t putting as much time or effort into their art, and you can contest it’s not art all you want, but if someone can put a toilet on a pedestal and call it art- who the fuck is anyone else to judge what anyone else is doing.

And it think it’s hilarious to tag over as was done in these pics.

LOL! Did you really expect your ‘clever’ little passive aggressive approach to work!? Vandals have been and will always be around. Take the good with the bad and move on.

“Now we got beef” ha ha

PROUD Native of the Mission &Clarion have been Since back inda day before all you punk kids/ yuppies moved in. Got love for the murals and art back ther„ most the shits fucking raw beautiful & worthy of being on the walls. But to any &all You disrespectful punk ass taggers Scribling bullshit. YOU better have eyes on the back of your fucking head, This neiborhoods NOT all yuppies, hippstrs and queers there still a few O.Gs left here .AND WERE WATCHN AND we’re GONA CATCH you & MAKE AN EXAMPLE! NO COPS INVOLVED, ITS JUST GONNA BE Us,u & a FUCKING HAMMER TO BREAK THE HAND SPRAYING THAT SHIT. So good luck , see ya soon.

LOLZ No you’re not fag.

Figured ud b a no sho. Ay its cool, if ur punk Azz ever decides to sho and Man up can find me chilln by dat taco stand between clarion & liquor stor round 10-11, ask round for Otis