Hey 7X7 SHUT THE FUCK UP pt. 2

Reader Adam sent us his thoughts about the latest issue of 7x7 Magazine:

you read this article?  the whole thing warrants derision, but read these two paragraphs in particular:

I hadn’t considered the synergy between SF’s two biggest cultural pillars until recently. It took dining at Bar Tartine with a friend who wishes to go unnamed—a tech venture capitalist invested in some of the city’s top restaurants. That night, when I started talking in wonderment about the surge of restaurant openings in SF, recession be damned, he politely suggested I get my head out of my dinner. “What boils my blood,” he said, between bites of duck leg cabbage roll stuffed with liver, house-made sauerkraut, and dried cherries, “is that people in the artist community have never understood the connection between capital and the arts. And they take it massively for granted.”

Gesticulating with a curried, pickled carrot, he broke it down historically. “Look at the rise of Florence. During the Renaissance, you had the combination of wealthy patrons and artists. The wealthy patrons allowed the artists to take risks that they’d never have been able to take if they weren’t provided for.” While sommelier Alex Fox poured us some Von Buhl Riesling, he continued, “And it’s no different today in San Francisco, where food has crossed over into an artistic experience. Chefs and bartenders here consider themselves artists.” I had a disconcerting flash of Bar Agricole’s acclaimed bartender Thad Vogler posing naked like Michelangelo’s David, shaker instead of stone in hand. “Even farmers have artistic status here,” my friend astutely observed. “Today in San Francisco, the wealth gets poured back into our modern-day values: the church of food.”

What pretentious cock suckers, not that there's anything wrong with that. Cock sucking I mean. But com'on. For fuck sake, their sense of self importance is so utterly baseless, it's astounding. Florence during the Renaissance? Really? They're talking pop-up restaurants and food trucks and they're comparing it to Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and the Renaissance. Wow. That makes this little venture capitalist parasite what, one of the Medicis? OK, right, that make sense. Good thing he broke it down “historically” for the dumb fuck author. Except he neglected to mentioned one major difference, the Medici's descendants probably still run most of Italy and large parts of the world while this guy's descendants are most likely going to be working at McDonalds when all his lottery money runs out.

I feel better now. Tx.

No, thank you.

[Sightglass Coffeee photo by Niall Kennedy]

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So… you don’t want rich jerks to invest in fancy restaurants?

The scary thing about all this is the implication that it takes venture capital to start a restaurant. If that’s true, I’m going to have to be a lot more lenient towards the often overhyped street food scene.

Are you seriously doubting that rich people from outside the hood make it possible for the Mission to be full of great restaurants?

Hate them for the effect on your rents if you want, but don’t be an ignoramus.

Yes the VCs are pretentious to compare themselves this way. But the writing itself is pretty pretentious too. I stopped caring somewhere between the duck leg and the dried cherries. Gesticulating with pickled carrot? If I ever write a sentence like that, I hope somebody will just tell me to quit altogether.

I don’t read 7x7. Now I know why.

This is why they hate us. The pretentiousness and sense of entitlement that comes waifting off this lengthy article would turn a bottle of Chateau Margaux (‘78, of course).

I dunno…I thought the writer was poking fun at the dining companion. Aren’t you hipsters supposed to recognize irony?