Boogaloos Closed Due to "Vermin Infestation"

Perhaps more newsworthy than the fact I won't be stuffing my face with their delicious (and, as evidence would suggest, most likely not vegetarian) biscuits and gravy anytime soon is the revelation that Boogaloos' business name is Spaghetti Western.  Not to say I don't appreciate their breakfast menu, but that's a genius name for a west-coast spaghetti shack.

Change of menu, anyone?

[Photo by Lazy Crafter]

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Wasn’t Spaghetti Western an actual restaurant somewhere at one point? Sounds really familiar.

Also, gross.

I didn’t know the health department classified hipsters as “vermin.” Seems a little harsh.

Spaghetti Western used to occupy the space that is now Memphis Minnie’s. The food was, “Meh”, and that was the era when Kate’s Kitchen was still good, and before Squat & Gobble opened next to India Oven.

Ooh, which food? Which diseases? Which vermin? DPH really missed an entertainment opportunity on that one…

Had some friends back in the early 90s tell me they stopped eating at Spaghetti Western in the Lower Haight after walking by late at night and noticing movement in the dark. Got close to the glass and peered in to discover rats partying on the tables. So I guess the vermin thing is not new for this outfit.

Oops, maybe wasn’t such a cool idea to fire your best employees with no notice.

Now if someone would be kind enough to do this to Tartine there will actually be parking on weekend mornings again

Spaghetti Western was a restaurant in the late 80’s to early 90’s notorious for rats, roaches, and skeezy meth heads working there. ahhh nostalgia!