Tokyo Go-Go: Full of Rats

UPDATE: Follow-up with pics.

Why is Generic moving out of his 'sick pad' above 16th Street's Tokyo Go-Go?  Because he hates animals:

So what was the problem?”


Like, actual rats?”

Actual, non-figurative vermin were in my room and all throughout the building. I could hear and see them. Fun fact: hearing them is worse—especially at night. When they fight, they make a high-pitched squealing noise that makes your skin crawl. The cliche about women jumping up on chairs? I’m not making fun of that anymore. (I didn’t say I do it, just that I’m not making fun of it.) Rats generally move too fast to hit with anything, so if you’re relying on poison to kill them, getting the hell away strikes me as a pretty sensible choice. (See Plague, Bubonic.)


PRO TIP: Don’t eat at Tokyo Go-Go. I don’t care how good the sushi tastes, there are rats in the building.


He claims he has pictures.  Care to share?

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As soon as I get home I’ll check one of the traps and link to a pic.

So far, it hasn’t disappointed.

bummer yo. guess it’s cool i have hit their happy hour in a buncha months. but the sake’s still good, yeah???! i can stick to liquids…..

There are a lot of rats in a lot of places throughout the mission. Hopefully the good restaurants who care about vermin take measures to keep them out of their part of the building (plugging holes, etc.), as well as keeping things clean and not putting stuff in places where rats would be scurrying (such as the floor). But having worked in food service, I can tell you there are more rats in more kitchens than you’d like to think.

Since the change of ownership, Tokyo Go Go has definitely slipped in general. John Park’s name is still on the menu, but he’s spearfishing in SoCal right now, not making sure your fort point is on point.

I saw a dead rat right outside of Pakwan one morning, and they have had trouble with their health ratings in general. I mostly get the Samosas in hopes that frying kills all. Take a look at the kitchen in Big Lantern, then look next door at Tokyo…if you were a rat where would you go? Just saying, this is one anecdote. And you should post the angry letter from them.