Are Babies "The New Hip"?

Wendy MacNaughton seems to think so, but I'm not sold.  Sure, just the other day I was lamenting getting stuck behind a lunch-time stroller procession down Valencia Street, but proximity to bike shops and Blondie's hardly makes something hip.  Plus, anyone who channels Brian Wilson and puts a matching flaccid cotton condom atop their child's head should be smacked the fuck up.

But the reality is that first-wave cool kids can't suppress their parental instincts with pugs and alcohol addiction forever, so we might as well brace ourselves for people trying to convince us their regrettable decision is trendy.

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Get on an airplane for 16 hours where some inconsiderate prick decided to bring their “bundle of joy” who screams and cries the entire flight. Then tell me you want to have kids.

The only people trying to convince everyone that babies are hip are people with babies desperately trying to hold onto their hipness.

“flaccid cotton condom” FTW

im desperately trying to hold onto my hipness by birthing a child..but all the unprotected scissoring has gotten me nowhere:(

fuck these little murders of dreams.

Breeders, really? In SF? I thought we took care of that years ago.

I dunno you guys. There’s a hipster family in my building; dad with tattoos & a beard, mom in a Navajo Pendleton jacket & round sunglasses, baby swaddled in some cloth snugli thing … I see them walking down my block with matching Four Barrel cups and my heart melts.

Anyone considering having a kid is welcome to drop by my place at 5am any day to do a practice diaper change….