Taco-mergency Taco Ambulance Revealed

As commenter Adam noted yesterday, it appears our dreams of having a fleet of Mexican fast food first responders saving us from hangovers and malnourishment have been crushed: the Taco-mergency taco truck is in fact a movie prop (note the 555 phone number).  I maintain this is the best idea to come to mobile food vending since the advent of the ice cream truck.  What this town needs isn't another boring food truck, but a fire engine hosing you down with beans and cheese and a swat team shooting you in the face with guacamole.

Someone, please make this happen.

(Thanks Steve!)

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Midnight Taco in Austin during the late 90’s was kind of the fucking shit. Delivery taco truck that worked late night. It would take a minute to get food late at night do to them having kids passout on them and banging on doors but dude when you got a plate of tacos and nachos delivered at 5am that was pretty much the best shit in the fucking world.

Mis ojos son enfuego!


Unfortunately, this is a prop from a film that was shot in San Francisco with Emily Blunt and Jason Segal.

I bought the Taco Mergency dot com and was going to give it to them, who no’s maybe it will be in a hit movie? maybe it will be the star. I’ll have to throw up a domain now.