It's a Taco-mergency

My life is a perpetual taco-mergency.  If it were not for Farolito and their 3am closing time, I'd probably have bleed out along Mission Street or outside of Pop's years ago.  But the problem with brick and mortar bean and cheese hospitals is you still need to make your way there, which is difficult if Jameson or a stray bullet has rendered your limbs useless.  But a taco truck pulling up to Bender's at 75 miles an hour with the red and white flashing and the siren song of tortillas and diarrhea echoing against Victorian architecture?  That, my friends, is a game changer.

An additional Twitter search indicates that this taco truck is parked outside of Alamo Sq. for the filming of “Five Year Engagement.”  Is this $2-savior-on-wheels a cheap film prop or an new San Francisco establishment?  If you're in the know, do clue us in.

[Tablehopper Tweet, NY Theater Tweet]

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