Hero Cops Protect Muni Platform From Savage Protestors

When the anti-SFPD protests turned towards 18th and Church, I had this “Oh shit, it's like Oakland all over again!  We're going to storm the Muni platform!” moment.  But these officers stood tall, preventing the furious mob of TV cameramen and Berkeley Journalism School students from occupying the stop and turning it into a pile of neglected rubble.

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Well if you note there is a disabled passenger and two others, and the cops did the right thing. A pack of out of state and city trustafarians coming here and causing damage to our Muni need to be dealt with. Preferably with rubber bullets and tear gas and some good old school beatdowns.

The whole bay area is laughing at you gang of fucking morons. Except for the ones like me that want to run you all down with a dump truck