City Looking to Demolish Old Dolores Park Muni Stop

We've all enjoyed its street art, been nearly stabbed on it, and urinated there when our bladders couldn't handle the 30 minute wait for the bathrooms.  Now Rec. & Park wants to take away everyone's favorite open-air bathrooms.  Dolores Park Works reports:

Eric Andersen, RPD manager for Area 6, said one of his main goals in renovation is to see the long closed and abandoned 19th street MUNI stop demolished and replaced with landscaping. He called the old stop an attractive nuisance, a shooting gallery, a graffiti magnet, and an open sewer.   Jake Gilchrist, RPD manager for the Dolores Park renovation, said he was hoping for help from the MTA in a new design for the 18th Street entrance. “This corner is Dolores’s gateway to  the Castro,” Gilchrist told the commission.  It is now dominated by the J Church MUNI stop and an awkward wheelchair accessible ramp system.

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[Photo by Colin Findlay]

Comments (3)

What? No!

If anything they should add in a ramp and make this back into the Muni stop. Having two Muni stops in the park as it is currently makes no damn sense.

“a shooting gallery, a graffiti magnet, and an open sewer.” making it different from the entire Muni system how?

I for one love the ped-tastic flyover lane. Abandoned stop, perhaps, but great access for those on feet and bikes…