Drunk Merrymakers Liberate Imprisoned Dolores Park Jungle Gym

Alex Chaffee was on the scene noting, “Some drunk people rolled the monkey bars down the hill, through the fence and into the street. Just another Friday night in Dolores Park!” and “[the] jungle gym is less fun on its side.” 

Looks like the renovation project is off to a fine start!

[pic by Alex Chaffee]

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These people seem to lack common decency while drunk.

This is what hipsters do. get drunk on cheap beer and trash playgrounds. The future looks mighty dim.

I can see this thing disappearing within the next day and reappearing in August at Burning Man.

Yes, that’s what I said. Can you not read?

Drunkle gym

It’s back on the other side of the fence, looking like a crashed rocket. I’m stunned that a burner or recycler hasn’t grabbed it….