Local Sexual Predator Repurposes Molestation Van For Photography Business

I have been told to never judge a book by its cover, but this van strikes me as less of a utility to haul around photography equipment and more of the reason you legally have to introduce yourself to your neighbors. And just look at some of the haircuts Scary Larry has documented over the years:

Ahhh… the 80s, when the men looked like women and vaginas looked like they'd floss your teeth then kill you.

Any single ladies out there want to get married so we hire this 8-years-at-San Quentin-on-wheels to photograph the joyous occasion?

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You need to mention the existence of Fanny Wrappers

isn’t that KevMo in the upper right?

You must go to his website and read his “JFK Assassination Research”…..the limo driver did it!