While we're on the topic of maps, I'd like to take this chance to remind everyone about this necessary Google Map project some dude named Timothy is running.  He's out there mapping all the pinball machines in SF the eastern half of SF, which is a crucial set of data for assholes like me with washer and dryer in-unit and an excess of quarters.  All the bars are fairly up-to-date with reviews of the machine's condition and cost breakdowns.

Check it.

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I was in Bender’s last week and one of the flippers was completely fucked. Not sure if they’ve fixed it.

Awesome map - thanks!

- Mike

Wow, there’s a Whirlwind at the Sutter St. Loris? I’m so there! I just wish I can find a Pinbot or a Bride of Pinbot somewhere.

that’s an awesome map