BIG NEWS in Pinball

If you really needed another reason to visit Doc's Clock, they recently got their hands on a brand new Indiana Jones pinball machine.  Like, BRAND NEW.  Fresh out of the box.  As any other Bay Area pinball snob can tell you, this is a BIG FUCKING DEAL because most pinball machines in this city are BROKEN PIECES OF SHIT.  Anyway, this machine not only works, which is generally qualification enough, but also has magnets and an epic multiball (see video below).

Plus, if you are lucky, you might also stumble across a guy wearing an Indiana Jones hat playing the machine.

Comments (3)

That’s awesome. That newer IJ4 isn’t quite as cool as the original but the Ark multiball is pretty rad.

I’ll add this machine to my pinball map. If anyone else wants a look, it’s pinballmachine dot org.

I’ll probably be running a tournament on January 30 if any of you are pinball wizards. It will be announced on the map site and my blog (link on map site). It will be at Pacific Pinball Museum in A-Town.

I played this on Friday night, and it is, indeed, fecking awesome.