Looks Like Someone is Still Trying to Revive La Rondalla

We mentioned six months ago that margarita destination/diarrhea factory La Rondalla planned to reopen around Christmas.  Clearly that never happened, but now it looks like the restaurant-who-called-wolf is actually getting serious about openning up their doors for the first time in years.  They've obtained a 3 month permit for reserved street space for renovations and it appears a bunch of work is going on inside:

No word as to when they will actually reopen, but count on it happening some time around the competition of the Bay Bridge Replacement.

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is that a wooden surfboard on the sawhorses??

@ Doug: No, it is the ideal cost-effective tool for smashing rats and cockroaches, i.e., “renovating.”

Work on La Rondalla has been fairly constant, if incredibly slow, for ages and ages.

but will it still be Christmas All Year Long when they reopen?

The strategically placed can of jalapenos en escabeche in the photo is perfect.

Anyway, I may be the only person in town to really liked their food but I did and I will be a regular again if they reopen (with the same food). San Franciscans are fat-phobic which is why San Francisco Mexican places all serve tasteless food. But La Rondalla was different. I’m sure their refritos contained actual lard, for Pete’s sake,as they should. Their salsa cruda was, well, cruda but really good.

Please come back just as you were, la Rondalla. You can even keep the rats, roaches and whatever got you shut down. They never bothered me before.

Agreed on all counts.