This Is What Pollo Campero Thinks a Mission Hipster Looks Like

A few weeks ago, I got hella excited that we might soon see Pollo Campero's badass logo of a chicken cowboy that eats his own kind on Mission St.  Well, the chain recently posted up their drawings for the restaurant in the window of the space and they're unfortunately ditching their rad look for a more bougie Mission feel with a boring new logo.  But just when I was walking away from the restaurant, something to the left of the drawing caught my eye:

That's right: a Mission hipster wearing a trucker hat, Wayfayers, a trench coat, rocking a full beard, and holding a bottle of wine.  Not exactly true to neighborhood fashion, but hilarious never-the-less.  Plus, you have to give them credit for recognizing the fact that Mission St. is covered in trash, even if they are modeling the fast-food chain after Foreign Cinema:

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Huh. All I know is that I hope that this spillover from this place won’t make it harder for me to get into Mission Kitchen (home of SF’s Finest Chilequiles, dammit!)

Oh come on ladies, don’t lie, you know you’d hit that.

Missions Kitchen? That place is awful. I can’t believe it is still in business.

Mission Kitchen Uber Alles.