Supervisor Wiener to Explore Getting Vendors out of Dolores Park and into the Street

The Sunny Vibrations vegan food truck, which can be found parked on 20th next to Dolores Park. (photo by Howvin)

It appears the controversy surrounding Rec & Park's decision to commercialize Dolores Park is not yet over.  According to Crystal Vann Wallstrom of the newly-formed Dolores Park Beauty, Leisure & Arts Collective (DPBLAC, or HOLY FUCK THIS NON-PROFIT HAS A LONG NAME), Supervisor Scott Wiener is going to “explore” a compromise between Rec & Park and park-goers that moves the new vendors out of the park to Dolores St., between 19th and 20th (a compromise that the previous supervisor and mayoral candidate Bevan Dufty declined to pursue).  The only setback to this proposal is that Scott needs to negotiate a transfer of ownership of the land the trucks will take up from DPW to R&P, so look forward to months of government bickering over the matter and probably some irate NIMBYs pissed about losing some of their precious parking spots.

Regardless, props to Scott Wiener for trying to do something.

INTERESTING SIDE NOTE: Did you know back in 1998, Rec & Park also tried to commercialize Dolores Park by permitting a supervisor's wife build a concrete cafe in the dead center of the park?  Apparently neighbors had to sue the city to get it stopped.  Great job, Rec & Park.

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I like Scott. He is willing to try and do things and isn’t just some doofus who cowers in the face of an angry NIMBY. He is also kicking Muni in the ass on the slow J Church line. Best of all, he’s willing to try things, instead of just waiting to see how he personally benefits from something .

He must have read my comment on this very blog where I suggested this. I demand royalties.

Dolores Park has turned into the lamest scene in town! Get over it! It’s like hanging out in the Haight in the seventies.

So where do the cool kids hang out now, the Sunset?

No, at Starbucks in the FiDi. You know, where things aren’t so lame.

DUH they hang out in the Sunset. Inner Sunset , Outer Sunset, Mid Sunset FTW!

Yeah, the Haight in the 70s. That was the fucking WORST.

Seriously? Do you know how hard it is to park in this neighborhood?

I know! I say pave Dolores Park! Viva Dolores Parking Lot!

Thinking outside the box is one reason why I voted for Scott. This a perfect way to open
up the park to more food vendors. There is certainly more people then any one food
vendor can handle now. I would like food choices and competition is excellent for the
customers. I live three blocks from the park and would really enjoy having more
food choices. Thank you, Scott.