CELLspace Going BANKrupt

It sounds like CELLspace, the venue I've only gone to once or twice but whose murals I very much appreciate, is facing some budgetary problems due to Planning Department-required renovations.  CELLspace's blog explains:

For several months, in a joint venture with San Francisco IndieFest, CELLspace has been preparing for the final stages of installing a new fire exit as required by the City of San Francisco Planning Department. This new fire exit is critical to becoming an adequate Place of Assembly. Without it we will not be able to host any large events of any kind. Event rentals pay 75% of our core operating expenses.

Unfortunately as we were prepared to start construction in December, new ordinances requiring us to add additional new features to the construction stopped our progress. These additional features will cost us much more than our initial required renovation. Of course, we have also lost valuable time and opportunities to earn revenue through events. Now more than ever we are feeling the blow of this lost income during the construction period, when we are so close to expanding what CELLspace can provide for the community. Any further setbacks, and CELLspace will be significantly crippled in its efforts. [link]

To keep their doors open beyond the renovations, they aim to raise $20,000 by the end of the month.  Sure seems like a hefty sum to raise in two weeks, but then again, Noisebridge was facing a similar situation a month ago and turned it around.  

And of course, all donations to CELLspace are tax-deductable and they intend on throwing one helluva celebration party if and when all this budgetary non-sense is behind them.

(photo by Eddie Codel)

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Hey! Angel from the Bike Kitchen here. I just wanted to let folks know that the Bike Kitchen is going to be loaning (interest free) CELLspace $13,000 to help them keep their doors open. Back when the Bike Kitchen started, CELLspace gave us a rent-free space for about two years at the Mission Village Market (remember that place? It was the weekend flea market and warehouse/art space at 18th & Alabama. It’s been replaced by mixed income apartments and is the Bike Kitchen’s new home too). Anyway, we’re pretty frugal and have been able to save up some cash and are stoked to be able to give back to this org which helped us get our feet. CELLspace has a pretty bright future in the Mission - it’s a shame that this bureaucratic hiccup could almost bring an org like this down. (Coincidentally, we also helped to support one of those murals you mentioned - the monkey’s fixing on bikes are a little tribute to the BK…hey, wait a minute!)

For folks who don’t know, the Bike Kitchen is an all volunteer run space where experienced bike folks can help you fix your own bike. We are super cheap. Like $5 for the day or $40 for unlimited use for a yer. And we sell super super cheap used parts. We’re open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings and Saturdays.