Erie St. Banksy Mural "Censored"

When a group of artists proposed to “finish” the mural Banksy “started,” many were quick to call bullshit.  I personally thought this was a classic case of capitalizing off other people's work but, hey, it was a better proposition than just painting over Banksy's “vandalism.”  Well, Blouz is reporting that the building owner, clearly a connoisseur of the arts, complained about the contents of the surrounding mural and ordered it to be covered up.  That's right boys and girls, mushrooms are too offensive for the mural designed to profit off of/protect Banksy's spraypaint for years to come.  Hats off to everyone on this one; the cacophony of dots really elevated the aesthetic quality of this wall.


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Seriously, fuck that guy for having an opinion on what gets painted on his walls. What an asshole.

You really don’t see the irony in this at all?

actually the dots are better. do you really not think the dots are better?

grown up people shouldn’t be piecing mushrooms…or anarchy “a’s”…or marijuana leaves (or 420!)…or the doors lyrics (confine it to your trapper keeper)…

the mushroom piece was badly conceived + terribly painted…it needed to be reworked. and i bet the other muralists are quietly happy. the ‘shrooms (dude) were bringing the entire production down…


I don’t disagree that the mushrooms are ‘fucking lame’, but I do think they look a lot better than the dots. I also don’t think the owner should have invited a bunch of random artists to paint on his walls if he was just going to go back and cover up the stuff he didn’t like. That’s the lamest thing of all.

Fuck these “artists” for piggy backing on what another artist did.

And about the mushrooms, is the guy that did the mushroom art 14? Seriously?!? “Magic” mushrooms are not edgy or provocative and reek of some stoned dude without a lot of original ideas.

I think the owner told him to paint over it because it looked ridiculous, not that it was offensive.

On the bright side; Dan Plasma didn’t show up with his crap.

@ everythingsucks and onlymerk

how do you know those shrooms were ‘magic’?
are you a mycologist?

just a minor wasn’t the building owner who complained, it was a member of the public who complained TO the building owner

One of the artists involved isn’t exactly enthused about this little incident because, like all artists, it’s a personal thing that’s getting possibly negative publicity

But I had to point out that thousands of people drive by there every day on Mission, and somebody is probably taking photos of it daily, because it is publicly viewable unless they want to cover it up

so what happens if a member of the public starts looking at the photos and notices something missing, and doesn’t know anything else about the project..Surely he would think the artists are up to something funny, unless that person know that some member of the public complained about it

so it’s probably better to have at least a little of a reason why it disappeared, rather than nothing at all