The Valencia Lesbian Stroll

With all the recent interest from straight people about the Mission's queer past, I figured I'd jump in the mix.  This post popped up on Valencia few weeks ago, equipped with a great drawing, epic logo, a bit of history and some Bic pen haters: “Yeah, I remember when the Mission was queer.  It ain't now.”  Not sure if I really have the grounds agree or disagree, but Mission Loc@l produced this handy little map so you can make your own call / get nostalgic for the days of S&M fisting clubs off Valencia:

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Its loony is all I can say – laying claim to a fisting club as Lesbian nostalgia.

As for Lesbian Fisting Club, it would be a good name for either 1) a band or 2) a granola mix from the Rainbow Grocery bulk aisle.

Dolores Park (midsection) is officially known as The Lesbian Lump..Not to be confused with Fixie Flats, Hipster Hill, The Shore, Gay Man’s Gulch, etc. Also, the side across the divide from hipster hill is widely known as “The Gay Side”.

Dolores Park Cafe is “Cutie Dyke Central”.

and Good Vibrations doesn’t make either list?

but I do agree—it’s no longer queer and it’s hopping. pain in the tush to get a parking space anymore if you’re driving