Patio Party

Our pal Matt Baume just finished up a piece for the Bay Area Reporter's BAR TAB about the best places to drink outside this side of Twin Peaks.  It may be a little gay themed, but it's still one of the more comprehensive lists I've seen.  For example, let me admit to you all that I had NO IDEA the Pilsner Inn had a patio, but that's probably because I never go outside a 4-block radius of my house.  Whatever, it's true!  Also, Matt claims Zeitgeist is a “a gayish bar.”  Let the flame war begin… (link)

(photo by Timo Arnall)

Comments (5)

the pilsner inn patio is really nice. the mirror above the pee trough in the bathroom so a person seated at the bar can check out penises is less so, but YMMV.

Good list but he forgot The Ace Cafe and Truck. Granted the “patios” are really just a tables on the sidewalk but they’re never crowded, even on the sunniest days…

Oh the glory of being on the same page. If only with commenters on the web.

Adding one to the list: the Atlas Cafe. Great beer selection and very gay if your definition of gay is where people go when they are resting their gay – after a long night of being dangerously gay – while still being open to a spontaneous hook up.

“a hetero-flexible bike messenger” - classic.