Grub Finally Ditches the Brown Paper Windows

After 3 years, we can finally see inside this place.  Normally this would be a “who gives a fuck?,” but they actually put some thought into their tables and they look pretty rad.  Grub has basically positioned itself as the Bender's of fine dining (okay, that's a stretch).  Therefore, I am taking back my claim that I'll “probably never eat there” because I'm pumped to spill some wine on someone's creativity.

(Thanks Natalie!)

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I just never thought grub was an appetizing word. It is to food what

“frisco” is to Saint Francis.
“lube” is to Masturbation.
“masturbation” is to the joy of adolescence.
“rag” is to apparel.

I wish them all the luck in the world. And suggest they checkout grub steak off Polk. Just to see how the concept ages.